Parle Agro launches ‘B- Fizz’ with a new campaign


Parle Agro has introduced a new malt-flavored carbonated drink which is named “B- Fizz”. It is a new addition to the fruit plus fizz product portfolio. The campaign features both actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas and actor Jr. NTR in its video for promoting the new product.

Earlier the brand tried to widen its fruit plus fizz portfolio by launching grape-flavored Grappo fizz and mango flavored Frooti fizz but these did not continue in the market for a long time. 

The Appy fizz entered in 2005 and initially holds more than 90% market share in the segment and the company hopes that the new product launched will also be received by the Indian customers. The malt-flavored drink was a huge success and that was the reason why the company wanted to create an extension of the Appy Fizz.

The company appointed actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas as the National Brand Ambassador and actor Jr. NTR as the Brand Ambassador of South India.

The company states that the product “B- Fizz” is a drink with a malt flavor and also has a taste of beer and the product is claimed to get the attention of the youngsters. A report shows that there is a rise in need for non- alcoholic beers and mostly targeted are the youngsters.

The joint managing director and CMO of Parle Agro, Nadia Chauhan claims that the new product has a malt taste and also said that the product is not a non- alcoholic beer and that it is totally different. The company states that the product has come out according to the expectations from the viewpoint of expanding the brand.

The company is expecting the new product to earn up to Rs 10,000 core by 2030 in a particular segment while other brands offer more than Rs 50 for their drink whereas Parle Agro sells their product at Rs 10 for a 160ml pack.

The company launches its product just before the summer and further focuses on the advertising where almost over 40 crores are being spent on the marketing and promotion of the product.

The company planned to introduce the product after the lockdowns as the summer is approaching and that the time when there is a demand for the product and as people are getting back to normal life and there is a chance for an increase in demand for the spot on packs and the retailers are showing more interest compared to the past few months and the company is ensuring the availability of the supply to meet the requirements.


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