IndusInd Bank launches a new campaign featuring Viggy and Victor


IndusInd Bank has introduced a digital campaign which comes in three parts and the campaign aims to create an awareness of the product and service that are offered by the bank which is related in the current situation.

The campaign film has two main actors in the video featuring Vignesh Pande as “Viggy” and his puppet as “Victor”, where both of them talk about the various topics related to banking and financial matter.

Through the launch of the campaign, the bank aims to show the relationship between Viggy and Victor and relates it to the customer’s expectation about the relationship between the bank and customers. The campaign will be promoted on all social media platforms of the IndusInd Bank.

The first campaign film conveys the message about the convenience offered by IndusInd Bank to their customer through the Video KYC service. The IndusInd Bank posted about the campaign on Twitter reminding the customers that the video KYC service is convenient, safe, and easy to use and that the customers should start experiencing the service. The campaign film features Viggy and Victor talking about the video KYC service and the video is also included in the post.

The campaign film begins with the banker dealing with Viggy and Victor digitally, and the banker asks about starting the procedure for their new account through the video KYC service.

The next scene shows the banker asking to Viggy about sending his location to the bank and further asks the required details such as date of birth and as a next step the banker asks Viggy to show his PAN card, where he shows the card to the banker by placing it near to the screen and the banker enters the details.

At the end or as a final procedure the banker asks viggy to sign on a blank sheet of paper and the banker requests to hold the paper near to the screen and says that it will be used as a specimen signature and the banker states that the video KYC has been completed successfully and both Victor and Viggy are amazed on how safely and quickly the process is done digitally. The savings account and fixed deposit account can be opened in the video KYC service.

The second video is decided to be launched at the time of Diwali, where discussions regarding the credit and debit card offered by IndusInd Bank with the name “Dil KI spending kyu rahe pending”. The third video is regarding India’s first social distancing credit card named “Nexxt” which has buttons on it, through which the customers without making physical contact can do the transaction, through which social distancing can be followed.


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