Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr.Kartik Juneja, Founder, Chickeera


Chickeera: A halal cart concept straight from the streets of NY is finally in Delhi

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Passionate in Marketing caught up with Mr. Karthik Juneja to discuss about Chickeera and its launch in the Indian Market

  1. A brief concept about Chickeera

Chickeera is a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in 2020 by Prime Eateries Pvt. Ltd. We are at the vanguard of the Halal-cart revolution in India, made famous over decades in the streets of New York. True to its Halal-cart roots, our cuisine is a healthy fusion of Middle Eastern and American influences. Our kitchens are headlined by acclaimed chefs from 5-star hotels. Our meat stock, kitchens, and processes strictly come under the ambit of the international ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HALAL certification standards.

Since Delhi is the street food capital of India, it’s not surprising we’ve made our debut here. We aim to appeal to foodies both young and old who like exploring eclectic cuisines from around the world, and discovering new favorites in the process. This isn’t limited to just the food we serve, but the surrounding experience that includes packaging, website, app, social media communication, and promotional ideas.

  1. A brief note on the Founder of Chickeera, Mr. Kartik Juneja

Harbouring a deep rooted love for food- regardless of the cuisine, I set foot into the F&B industry,  pursuing and channeling my passion into a successful profession. After completing my Bachelors in Business Administration, I joined my family’s paper import business,which led me to travel all over the world. A byproduct of the same resulted in a vast exposure to cultures, cuisines and food habits of locals living in the countries I visited.

As the Co-Founder of Prime Eateries, when the Pandemic shook the nation, I saw a business opportunity in extensively rising food deliveries- acting upon a dream I had been waiting to bring to life; Chickeera.

  1. What inspired you to introduce New York’s Halal cart cuisine in India?

I always sought to introduce within India brands that brought a new meaning and a life of their own within the food industry.We at Prime Eateries believe in launching experimental brands that seek to transform the F&B industry in India, as we know it.

  1. What motivated you to launch Chickeera amidst a pandemic?

As the number of home deliveries started rising extensively during the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to introduce Chickeera.

  1. In a span of only 6 months, Chickeera has expanded to 5 branches. To what factors do you credit the delivery joint’s success?

If you’ll believe me, I do not count this as a success right now. My mission is to introduce multiple experimental cuisine restaurants in India, effectively changing the eating process in India. I want to expand Chickeera to London, Amsterdam and all over the world. Only then I will consider it a success.

  1. How has the Second Wave of Covid-19 had an impact on your plans for Chickeera?

Even in the second wave, Chickeera has done quite well as compared to other high-end brands. Of course, orders were a bit less than before but it’s definitely back to normal again. People have become more aware of how ordering online is safe if all the required precautions are taken. The plan though, will always be the same. I see Chickeera in every part of India, and eventually all over the world.

  1. How do people perceive the idea of having fast food getting home delivered during the ongoing pandemic?

Consumer behaviour and fast food consumption normally go hand in hand. While people currently prefer enjoying meals from the comfort of their homes amidst the pandemic, we at Chickeera have embraced and adapted to this change. We are certain that if the delivery experience remains intact, our customers are here to stay. 

  1. How do you see the Fast Food Culture, post the pandemic?

Fast food culture definitely took a turn over the past year. Now due to obvious restrictions and behavioural changes, fewer people step out of their houses to enjoy fast food meals. Nevertheless, consumers indulge in their favourite meals from the comfort of their homes. Change being the only constant, it is essential for businesses to adapt and evolve with the current scenarios to ensure a productive outcome.

Tough times unfortunately narrow businesses down to survival of the fittest. While many companies would be on the verge of collapsing and struggling to survive when the pandemic finally does end, Chickeera has been a fortunate startup to have passed the test of time. Using the right set of skills and targeting investments in the right domains, we have formed a community that loves our quality food and continues to grow.

  1. What is your expansion plan for Chickeera?

Working on an expansion plan, Chickeera will be seeing up to 6 delivery outlets in NCR in the upcoming months, only with the hopes to become a revolutionary brand in the upcoming years. I see the new trend of American Biryani, brought upon by Chickeera transcending into one of the top trends of the country in the near future.

  1. What advice would you like to give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

As a  piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs,I would stress upon nipping and solving problems in the bud, making dreams a necessity as water is, taking risks and to carry a madness for making work successful as it is now or never.


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