Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Ms. Sucharita Tyagi, an Indian writer, film critic, video content creator and former radio jockey


Brief Profile of Ms. Sucharita Tyagi

Sucharita Tyagi is an Indian writer, film critic, video content creator and former radio jockey. She began her career by hosting radio programming in New Delhi, and later gained wider recognition as a creator of web content and YouTube videos for film review platforms. She recently worked with You V YouTube.

Passionate in Marketing caught up with Ms. Sucharita Tyagi to discuss about her experience with You V YouTube

  • What is the idea behind your association with an infotainment show like You V YouTube?

Ans – It is a YouTube original, so it was a very easy choice to make. YouTube Originals wanted to put a show together, and they requested me to be a part of the show and that is really how this association happened. YouTube is a big brand and they come up with great concepts for their originals. You V YouTube is a fantastic concept too!

  • What are some new things the audience will learn about movies after watching You V YouTube?

Ans – We are not giving out a whole lot of information, but there is very interesting trivia that any movie buff will love to know. This is a fun game show. It is not like Jeopardy! It is not something that has very difficult questions. It has very understandable, relatable questions and the audience will feel connected with what we are asking on the show. As a creator on the show, you will not see me giving a lot of information or teaching the audience about movies. We discuss and ask interesting movie trivia.

  • Has OTT replaced Bollywood? YouTube and Netflix have come up with these fantastic originals and the audience has found a new entertainment medium – what is your view on it?

Ans – OTT has not replaced Bollywood. OTT has found its own place in the country and in our homes and the way people are watching content. YouTube is a big part of it. OTT cannot replace Bollywood, because OTT is also showing entertainment, and so is Bollywood. I mean, it is not a fair comparison. It is not the right comparison. OTT has just made international content readily available to everybody, which is great.

  • What kind of content do you like on OTT and what is your binge watch?

Ans – I watch everything! I will watch anything and everything except horror. That is the only genre I stay away from! But apart from that, sci-fi, autobiographical, documentaries, docuseries, web shows, new movies, Korean dramas, everything. I watch anything that catches my fancy.

  • Do you like watching infotainment shows also?

Ans – Yeah. Very much so. Jeopardy is one of my favourite things to watch. I love quiz shows.

  • What are your most memorable moments from the show?

Ans – Getting to know YouTubers, getting to understand how they work, and it was a lot of fun working together. Like being remotely connected, the kind of technology that was involved in putting the show together and setting up my own home space for this shoot was a lot of fun. The shoot experience was really good and we managed to conduct it remotely with everybody. It was like a new learning for everyone on the show.

  • Tell us something about your upcoming projects. What are you are currently working on, and your future plans?

Ans – I am working on a number of things at present. And I announce all my updates on social media. I had taken time off this Diwali to spend some quality time with the family. So keep following my YouTube channel and you will know all that I am indulging in, of course.


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