PC Paathshala: Intel in India collaborates with The Times of India to adapt to e-learning


PC Paathshala brings a user friendly and simplified content, developed by industry experts to teachers, students, parents across India. Intel in India has collaborated with The Times of India to introduce PC Paathshala.

As e-learning is becoming the new normal and country continues to fight against the pandemic, Intel in India has associated with The Times of India to launch their new  initiative “PC Paathshala”, aimed at helping India to adapt to learning online and teaching online,

PC Paathshala brings user friendly and much simplified  content , developed by industry experts to students, teachers and parents across India. From providing knowledge on tools and accessories necessary for an ideal teaching in such a way to keep the malware at bay; from helpful and informative talks by experts in e-learning, engaged in and beyond the classroom, platform  is  created to be a reliable online educational handbook for everyone.

Marketing Director, Intel India, Roshni Das said, “ Academic institutions across the world are shifting towards the new normal by adopting e-learning. In markets like India, there is still a huge opportunity to scale by education  providers, students and parents with the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to enhance the effect of digital learning. We do recognize the role of  technology more than ever now. We are very proud to launch PC Paathshala to address the immediate need for shifting towards e-learning platforms”.

The platform will impart knowledge to teachers ,students and parents through a series of videos, articles and master class sessions to effectively increase student engagement and enhance e-learning outcomes. Easy and well explained concepts helps them to understand better and  respond to challenges for the reason as they lack socializing or discipline in students.

The online learning platform requires various tools like desktop or notebook, quality internet connection, video conferencing software , teaching  tools, etc. While PC Paathshala brings together all important stakeholders – from PC manufacturers and retailers to educational tech leaders in order to empower everyone in association with the education system with the skills they need to take the  e-learning platform to next level.


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