Pepsi becomes restaurant community saver announces #Pepsisaveourrestaurant


We know that pandemic made an enormous disastrous situation for several companies and industries. Many of them already collapsed and plenty of them are within the path of collapse. The restaurant community is one of them. They faced a lot of hardships during the pandemic due to the restrictions which the government put forward. The amount of income dropped heavily and in certain instances came to a standstill. Now there’s excellent news for the restaurant community. Beverage brand Pepsi announced a fundraising association “ #PepsiSaveOurRestaurant”, with the leading restaurant industry Association of India (NRAI) and leading online food delivery aggregator Swiggy. 

The core a part of this initiative is, whenever any consumer adds any soft drinks to his/ her meal order on Swiggy from June 25, 2020, to July 19, 2020, Pepsi will contribute part of the proceeds in respect of every potable ordered to the NRAI COVID 19 relief corpus. Another part of this initiative is, the fund which is raised through this is, will be used to provide meals( dry ration) to restaurant workers who were subjected to financial disasters, but we’re always within the frontline to supply services to their customers. The offer is valid on any soft packaged drinks ordered from restaurants listed in the swiggy platform which includes carbonated soft drinks, packaged iced tea, packaged juices, and packaged juice-based drinks and which is not restricted only to the purchase of Pepsi.

According to the opinion of PepsiCo India spokesperson, the restaurant industry is an integral part of our ecosystem and has been severely impacted by the continued health challenge. Both the restaurant and restaurant workers are facing hardship, hence our endeavor to search out various meaningful ways to supply support to the ecosystem. He also mentioned that mobilizing a movement with consumers and providing food security support to the restaurant workers and their families who are in distress is a timely intervention and need of the hour and also he reminds his thankfulness to Swiggy and NRAI for the support and partnership to this initiative.

The VP marketing, Swiggy, Srivats remarks that they are happy to support ‘#PepsiSaveOurRestaurant’ initiative along with NRAI towards striving to ensure that restaurant workers and their families don’t stay hungry.  


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