Cashify’s “Donate for Education” campaign to improve digital gap


Recently Cashify came up with the “Donate for Education” campaign with the aim to remove the digital gap in education between students during this COVID-19 pandemic. This was the companies endeavor to digitize technology by making sure that it is accessible to all students.

Cashify is an e-commerce site that provides the facility to sell and buy old electronic gadgets through their sites. As a part of this campaign, this company donated smartphones to a Delhi based NGO by Mera Parivar and Avanti who later distributed these smartphones to the needy children associated with this NGO. In order for this initiative to create more impact, Cashify again partnered with two more NGOs in Delhi namely SSMI and Saarthi. They also unveiled this initiative to their current customers and encouraged them to donate unused workable smartphones which the company will later distribute to the needy kids associated with these NGOs. They wanted to make sure that the students had educational justice that is the support they need to continue learning in this time period.

Students who are receiving these smartphones were allowed to keep the smartphones with them permanently, further supporting them even after the pandemic ends.

Talking about the initiative, Nakul Kumar, Co-Founder, and COO, Cashify, said, “The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes on who doesn’t have access to technology and its significance in making an equal playing field, particularly for K-12 students”. He also added that technology demand increased rapidly when the schools and colleges completely decided to take up the digital learning models. This “Donate for Education” campaign is an attempt to help students who find it difficult to access technology by providing smartphones which in the current situation is fundamental assistance for the students.

The consumers who are interested in donating smartphones to these children can follow these simple steps:

 1) Find the mobile brand that is in good working condition.

2) Give personal information like contact number, address, etc.

3) Confirm the order with Cashify and executives from the company will come and pick the product.

 4) The phone is checked, refurbished, and given to the NGO’s who will later provide them to the students who are associated with them.


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