Plix announces their new campaign “My unlock story”


Plix products are vegan-friendly with no added chemicals and artificial colours. It is made up of pure, natural, plant-based ingredients in specific ratios. In the current pandemic situation, Plix has launched a campaign ‘My Unlock Story’ to generate awareness about the significance of building powerful immunity power and holistic living.

Conceptualized by Gozoop and the campaign features Ranvijay Singha. He posts a video on Instagram talking about how it is important to take care of our health and develop strong immunity, especially in the present pandemic situation. Singha also asked everyone to share their inspiring stories on how they are fighting the pandemic and promote other people. This campaign is mainly focused on the current situation that’s why they give information more about immunity. Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself from disease-causing organisms.

To generate additional awareness, Plix brings 150 influencers from various dimensions of life such as fitness experts, nutritionists, celebrities, etc, and asked everyone to select a healthy lifestyle. Also, they said to everyone that at the current pandemic situation we must focus on strengthening our immune system. Building immunity is the only way to fight against the virus, each of us must ensure our hygiene. The immune system is our weapon and it is the duty of every one of us to make it better. Immunity is essential for humans because without immunity we can’t exist, it is the factor that helps to maintain our body from the diseases.

Rishabh Satiya, founder and chief executive officer, Plix, comments that with the help of mutual participation and support to this movement we aim to educate people about the importance of immunity and holistic living. At Plix, we always believe that everyone should be taking care of their nutritional needs, hence our product range provides it to every individual who is trying hard to stay strong during this pandemic.

Plix gives a plant-based nutritional food which gives immunity and thereby gives them the ability to resist the disease. Plix provides a lot of products such as protein powder, immunity booster, stamina builder, etc.these products are mainly focusing to acquire a healthy body.


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