Pocket Aces’ lifestyle channel, Gobble collaborates with Crista Masala to bring audiences the best of spice blends along with great food content


National, September 28, 2022: Pocket Aces’ Food and Lifestyle Channel, Gobble has partnered with Crista Masala, a spice brand with a legacy of four decades, in bringing a premium range of spice mixes to Indian homes. From creating table-top recipes to non-fiction short videos to web-series, Gobble has established itself as the go-to platform for partners by providing creative expression that engages and entertains its audiences. The collaboration with Crista Masala is a natural extension for Gobble to grow D2C brands by leveraging the Gobble brand value. 

Through this partnership with Crista, Gobble aims to bring to audiences a truly authentic Indian spice experience with over 90 SKUs that can be purchased through direct-to-consumer platforms.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, these spice blends are perfect for a healthy and hygienic home cooked meal, without any added colours, fillers or preservatives. Gobble will demonstrate the usage of Crista’s both Indian as well as International spice blends while cooking different dishes, in its upcoming table-top videos, familiarising audiences with how to use them and prepare various cuisines.

Krishne Tanna, Founder & CEO, Crista Masala, said: “Spices form the DNA of our food. Our mission is to build the McCormick of a modern day India; an authentic and flavourful seasonings and spice brand built around the twin pillars of trust and transparency. We are extremely excited about our partnership with Gobble as we embark together on this constant mission of earning the trust of India’s Gen Z and Millennial foodies, all of whom are yearning for new and authentic flavours, hygienically and conveniently delivered at their doorstep.

Ankit Chhabra, Channel Lead, Gobble, commented on the partnership saying, “Gobble has always created the best value for its partners, while marketing amazing products to the viewers. With Gobble, consumers not only get the best in food content but they also get introduced to the best products. Today’s consumer has become extremely conscious of the quality of the products they consume, especially after the pandemic. Hence, we thought of bringing a healthy, hygienic and authentic product to the Gobble audience. This is also the first time that an Indian Content brand is venturing into a co-branded product and we are really excited about it.”

With over 7 Million followers across social media, Gobble garners an average of 100mn monthly views for its content and will help the brand widespread among food enthusiasts. The channel has been loved for its recipes, food challenges, cooking hacks, and other food and lifestyle based recommendations. Gobble has been home to popular shows like You Got Chef’d, Bazaar Travels, Love, Travel, Repeat and amongst others.


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