Pooja Hegde draws inspiration for her home, from India, London and New York


National, 21st November, 2022: Pooja Hegde’s home, hidden away in a quaint lane in Mumbai, is a perfect reflection of who she is. Her lovingly designed home sits on a high floor, overlooking a pond and the Arabian Sea. It speaks of her attention to detail and her passion for her home. This episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 6 features an exclusive tour of Pooja Hegde’s masterfully crafted home.

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A melting pot of happy memories and comfort, Pooja Hegde’s home is a true blend of experiences that have inspired her, in India and abroad. From the moment you walk in, you get a sense of London, with its perfect green shade instantly transporting you to this old city’s alleyways and streets. From there, it gets even better with the terrazzo-finish fireplace, the pastel pink couch positioned against the cream textured wall, and the rustic dining table carved from a single log. 

With cleverly designed spaces, Pooja Hegde’s home uses spaces intelligently and beautifully. There are hidden doors that reveal storage space, unravelling the wisdom of old Indian homes, paired with modern design aesthetic that mirrors the best in the world. All rooms in the house have pastel colors, and the light fixtures feature exposed filaments as a motif. There’s clear intent in the allocation of floor space too: An entire room has been dedicated to use as a green room, walk-in closet; an essential feature of an actor’s home.


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