Popular celebs Krithi Shetty, Megha Akash, Amrita Aiyer & others join #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge 

Krithi Shetty
Popular celebs Krithi Shetty, Megha Akash, Amrita Aiyer & others join #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge 

The campaign encourages women to adopt daily consumption of protein along with physical activity for fitness & better health

OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based holistic wellness brand, unveiled its latest women’s health campaign, #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge. The fitness challenge was kickstarted by popular south celebrities like Krithi Shetty, Megha Akash and Amritha Aiyer. The campaign aims to encourage women to adopt  a healthier lifestyle by incorporating the daily consumption of OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women along with physical activity  for better metabolism and reduced body fat percentage. 

Mittal Patel, Category Head, OZiva, says “A 2022 study showed that Indian women consume 13% lesser protein than men, and also account for taking 20% lesser steps than Indian men, when it came to fitness. This is a serious cause of concern as lack of exercise and protein deficiency may  lead to a slower metabolism, loss of strength, mobility, reduced concentration levels, and overall immunity. As a brand that aims to empower women to be healthier and fitter, our new campaign will ensure that women across India are on the right path toward adopting a healthier lifestyle. “

Body fat percentage is an important factor that many women tend to overlook as being slim does not necessarily mean low body fat percentage. And a high body fat percentage is linked to various health concerns like osteoarthritis, heart issues amongst others. Hence it is important to keep this in check while working on improving metabolism and energy levels by following a healthy diet along with adequate protein intake and daily physical activity. Research shows that high protein diets can help improve lean muscle percentage in the body and thus support reduction of body fat percentage. 

The #OZiva90DayFitnessChallenge promotes a consistent fitness routine comprising yoga, walking, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength and conditioning, and 30 minutes of running. The fitness resolution also encourages use of clean protein supplements like OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women which helps with increasing strength, energy, increased metabolism, and lean muscle. 


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