Pretty Ronnie, Founder of Mausam- “The woman who changed her entire life with a small decision”

Mausam by Pretty Ronnie

Who is this Pretty Ronnie? Want to know how she changed her life forever with a single decision? And what was that life-changing decision?

Pretty Ronnie was a normal mother of two, who used to sit at home and take care of her family. She transformed her identity from a homemaker to an eminent entrepreneur. But how?

Pretty Ronnie

On 2015, July 16th, it was a Sunday and she thought of doing something small during her free time; this small step changed her life forever. She accepted an invitation from one of her friends to join her in reselling fabric. The next day she realized that the previous day was Karkidakam, a day widely believed as not a good time to start something new. However, she decided to leave it to the almighty and move forward with the new venture. As her friend was already a working professional, she had to quit the business. But Pretty, who was determined to carry forward her career started to reach out to the best fabric manufacturers from different parts of the country like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi.

After one and half years, she managed to get linen from Bihar-based manufacturers; and cotton and linen had a high demand in the market. Slowly she stopped selling readymade products and started to sell sarees and salwar materials made with organic fabrics like Linen, silk, Jaipur cotton, soft cotton, and so on. Her priority was always to maintain the highest quality of the materials she delivered. For the past 4-5 years she is doing the same.

Then she started a small venture called “Mausam”, where she does custom dress material design fitting special occasions like marriage, Baptism, etc. For this, she uses different fabric materials based on customer preference.

Now she has many customers from outside the country like the UK, US, Australia, Qatar, and Muscat. Acquiring so many happy customers in such a short time is a great milestone considering that she does not have a physical shop yet. She has done exhibitions pre-pandemic and hopes to continue that as an avenue to attract more customers. She also worked with Aarson Fashion Media Company as a costume designer in their show.

She is not just a passionate designer but also a professional dancer. She is classically trained in Bharatanatyam and takes classes for the students. She is a multi-talented woman who balances her family, passion, and career. She is an inspiration to many who struggle to chase their passion and daily chores. Her struggles had finally started bearing the fruit. She is also planning to do a fashion show for which the discussions are going on. Her dream is to start an independent boutique focusing on organic fabrics.

Pretty is a strong woman. Now she is not just the wife of Ronnie Raphael but also the founder of “Mausam”. She is a great example to other women who are still stuck in their chrysalis. Perhaps her story has a message to all homemakers – ‘Let yourself free from that chrysalis and attempt to fly high as a butterfly. Find your dream and chase it with all your sincerity and passion’. It summarizes Pretty’s journey from a homemaker to a successful self-made entrepreneur. You can reach out to get custom material designed by Mausam at +919746833330 or mail your enquiries to [email protected].


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