Progress and Development in Artificial Intelligence World


The AI world is moving fast with new techniques. Many AI-focused companies are emerging. AI coined in 1956 but become popular later as to increased data volumes, improvements in computing power, storage, advanced algorithms.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which deals with building smart machines capable of performing a task that requires human intelligence. Using these technologies computers can be trained to finish special tasks with help of a large amount of data. Artificial Intelligence acts as a digital assistant. AI can complete a dangerous risk since it is not affected by a hostile environment.

Palantir is an American company focusing on the creation of software and tools for effective and efficient data analysis. Palantir works with many countries in handling the Covid-19 pandemic from a data-centric perspective. It works with many companies around the globe and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Palantir and the UK government’s officials are discussing identifying ways, that Palantir can assist the UK government in creating an effective analytics system.

MIT researchers developed a method for the detection of Covid-19. The identification of the audio sample of a cough caused by coronavirus is taken by web browsers or mobile phones. The research report says that the Artificial Intelligence model can pick up minor changes in indicators. These indicators are called biomarkers as in a research paper. The AI model is a combination of designed algorithms and neural networks that can call for minute changes in biomarkers.

Intel acquired two machines-learning focused company and SigOpt, to boost up the chip-making company into the Artificial Intelligence sector. is a company that built tools and software for a data scientist in building and deploying models for machine earning. SigOpt company that helps in the optimization of machine learning models.

AI is used in the medical field. IBM (International Business Machines) and Pfizer team up together in developing an AI model that can predict Alzheimer’s disease. AI model that can predict Alzheimer’s diseases in individuals before it is a clinical diagnosis. Artificial Intelligence has a lower rate of error compared to a human and has high speed, accuracy.


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