Pulse Candy rolls out two unique TVCs


Pass Pass Pulse candies, India’s popular candy brand has launched a digital campaign taking forward the notorious and comical storyline of ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ with two movies. The new campaign features the humor and peculiarity related to Pulse through a special execution ploy of stick figures and characters which makes the campaign more interesting and attractive among the viewers. The campaign has been launched with two movies, the first one is ‘The Husband-Wife’ and the second one is ‘Recycle Bin’. The first film delivers the exchange that happens between a husband and wife and the second one is a film which shows the alternate take between two stick figure companions in which they are tricking each other inside a PC screen.

The two new TVCs have been conceptualized and executed by Wunderman Thompson. They have pictured the craziness of the pulse candy fans and also beautifully shown to which extent stick figures or the Pulse fans will go for experiencing the taste of their candies. ‘Overwhelming quality’ or the adoration individuals have for the Pulse candy has been the driving factors of these campaigns for Pulse in past as well. The movies have another yet comical topic of animated characters battling for having the pulse candies.

Remarking on the Campaign Arvind Kumar, JGM, Marketing, DS Confectionary Products Ltd., stated that the brand must keep re-developing the execution topics to hold the energy around the suggestion of ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’. He also added that they had done some enamoring efforts before and their current campaign gets another and energizing style of content with Stick figures, to sustain the appealing attraction of Pulse in an interesting and engaging manner.

Sundeep Sehgal who is the Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Pulse expressed happiness and stated that the uniqueness and the attractive nature of Pulse will make this campaign more successful. He also added that they needed to make some straightforward, short, attractive, and unique stories and stick figures which give an energizing take to the story.

In India, the candy is manufactured by DS Group and marketed under its brand ‘Pass Pass’.


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