Ather Energy’s first-ever TV campaign inspires Indians to go electric


Electric vehicle producer Ather Energy has launched its first digital campaign during this season’s India-Australia T-20 match. The TVC plans to grab the mindshare for Ather as a “Make in India” organization which is important for a visionary environment of items and administrations that have been deliberately ready to reclassify the automobile sector in India.

The ‘Break Through’ advertisement of this campaign has been conceptualized and executed by the Brave New World company which is a promotion organization based out of Bengaluru in Karnataka. The campaign suggests that to change our lives, we need reasonable activities and decisions that push us forward by a wide margin. The ‘Break Through’ ad of this campaign follows the account of a person in quest for a change. The thought for the campaign was brought alive from the perception that even though many advanced and customized features and products are available, many people go only with the product which has small increments in the automobile features.

The TV advertisement has been released today and it intends to provide focused brand guidance for Ather Energy to provide acknowledgment for their most popular product which is the Ather 450X and also they have done this to change the view of Electric vehicles product.

On discussing the campaign Nilay Chandra who is the Head of the Marketing department in  Ather Energy stated that it has been instrumental in guiding change and getting a change in India’s Electric vehicle classification.  He also added that in recent years, they have been broadly putting resources into driving mindfulness about electric vehicles being a practical product that is higher on quality and execution. He stated that their present TVC is above and beyond to make the clients aware that the nation is moving towards Electric Vehicle bikes to reduce environmental pollution which is increasing to a large extent nowadays. He also stated that they are the associate sponsors for the ongoing Indian-Australia T20 arrangement since cricket is an incredible medium to spread awareness about electric vehicles among the youths all over the nation which will attract many people to buy the product.


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