Quantum Computing- The New Global Business Trend


The year 2020 has brought about a lot of new innovations in the field of quantum computing. Google’s quest for achieving quantum supremacy has received a lot of attention for peers and competitors, although what this achievement means is still in quandary. However, industry and academia walk in tandem to facilitate a commercial quantum computer which would redefine the quantum computing periphery.

  • The Quantum Technology Market is Expanding

For the quantum computing to triumph, it needs a matured market in appropriate geo-locations. In spite of the development, the questions remain if not now when quantum computing will become mainstream? Qubits are gaining popularity among the business and investors globally.

  • The Quantum computing market is Heating up for Competition.

In the wake of Google’s controversial announcement of attaining quantum supremacy nations and companies have risen to the contest making it fairly evident that the quantum race is not just between major nations-states (for example, the US against China) but also between the industry giants like Google quantum computer and IBM quantum computer.

  • Quantum computing = More Qubit

One trend that will be happening globally is that quantum researchers will rise up their computers with more qubits. Studies say that more than 200 qubit computers are possible this year. Researchers say that it is imperative to remember that Google’s quantum computer had 53 qubits. They say that we can integrate the number of qubits with the power of the quantum computer. The prediction is that, in 2020 the world will witness the first 256-qubit quantum computer.

  • Quantum Computing Academia will Capture Attention.

Quantum Computing classes are being given to institutions like the University of Chicago and MIT, as well as Cambridge and Quantum Daily in Canada. Companies like longQ and Quantum Xchange branched out from the University of Maryland, serve as an amazing example of how the talent and work are done it research institutions and academia can transform into progress for the Quantum Computing Technology.

  • Paving way for Quantum sensing Technology

Quantum advances will continue to rule throughout the year. There will be quantum sensors monitoring oil and gas installations and in terms of communications, there will be new developments happening. Lot of other companies will come up with new announcements after the big announcement by Google.


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