‘The Anywhere School’ by Google with 50+ features


The Anywhere School with over 50 new features

As a huge number of students explore learning and education from home, considering that Google has initiated “The Anywhere School” project, bringing more than 50 new features across its running platform Meet, Classroom, G Suite, and other services by Google accessible by all their users around the world.

In September, by integrating jam board and whiteboard, the video-calling application Google Meet will have a bigger tiled perspective on up to 49 attendees.

The organization said in an announcement on Tuesday that it will likewise deliver new controls so mediators can decide to consistently join first, end gatherings for all members, handicap in-meeting talk, and significantly more. In October, Google will dispatch custom and obscured foundations in Meet to give some additional security. 

According to Avni Shah, VP of Education at Google, the statement Google will be launching Breakout room and attendance track feature for all their clients in the education sector. With this, they will also add Raise hand, Q&A, and polling in G-Suite features for better education service. In addition to it, Google will be launching a temporary recording feature for free.

With more educators around the globe utilizing the free “Google Classroom” the organization said another “to-do gadget on the Classes page” will enable students to perceive what’s coming up, what’s missing, and what’s been evaluated. Faculties can now be able to share a link to welcome students to their group, which makes joining a class a lot simpler. The classroom will be accessible in 10 extra dialects, for 54 dialects altogether. 

With “G Suite Enterprise for Education”, teachers will have the option to see matches for potential plagiarism against site pages but limited to that student class group. 

Shah also stated that Google has presented another item for non-Classroom clients called Assignments, an application for the Learning Management System (LMS) that gives instructors a quicker, more straightforward approach to convey, break down and grade student’s work. This efficient application helps faculties consequently make and disseminate customized copies of classwork to every student’s Google Drive folder with quick feedback and transparency in grading concerning its originality.

Google recently launched “SmartCompose” and “AutoCorrect in Docs” for instructors and students to assist them with forming excellent substance quicker by decreasing dreary composition while lessening the opportunity of spelling and syntactic blunders. Before the current month’s over, administrators will have the option to incapacitate both “SmartCompose” and “AutoCorrect” if they pick. Google announced that soon they will add a citation feature to their platform to manage student’s resources. Google has additionally made the “Tech Toolkit for Families and Guardians”, which assists guardians with bettering comprehend the innovation that their children use in the study hall.


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