Tiger Shroff joins Sunfeast’s ‘Run As One Movement’


Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff joined ‘Sunfeast India Run As One Project,’ which, as per the organizers, is the largest citizen movement in the world to revive life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting this Independence Day.

The actor is active in health and healthy living; inspiring millions. This time, however, he is not there to promote health but to contribute from the front and inspire people to join this first-of-its-kind virtual participatory movement, for purposeful gift and well-being from inside India and around the world. #LivelihoodsMatter.

It is estimated that more than 140 million employees have lost their livelihoods and have been seriously impacted since the nationwide lockout in March. Add to them the members of the family — children, spouses, parents — who depend on them and the size of the problem, truly boggles the mind.

How can we become a part of the solution; can our one step forward help restart a living and make someone face a smile?

Tiger thinks, yes, we should. The easiest activities for a healthy mind and body are running or walking. In support of the campaign, Tiger Shroff said, “I agree that when things are tough in the current scenario, we should concentrate on keeping our minds and bodies alive and trying to help those who are less fortunate. India Run as One is a wonderful initiative by which we can contribute to helping the people who have suffered a hard blow because of the pandemic.

Speaking of the association of Tiger Shroff, Procam International Managing Director Anil Singh said, “We are proud to have Tiger Shroff, a youth icon who represents the very spirit and ethos on which this initiative is founded. Tiger’s endorsement will inspire and be a clarion call for all Indians, especially young people, to come together in one voice.”

Being Independence Day’s 74th year, Sunfeast India Run As One has set itself an ambitious target of making a million people take part and earn more than 100 Mn Rs for livelihood. The intention is to show the power that we all have within each of us to make a significant difference and to better serve livelihoods.

ITC’s Sunfeast, India’s leading brand of biscuits, is the title sponsor and will support the campaign for social impact. The Fit India Group, PUMA, FAST&UP, Republic TV and Exchange4media help the Sunfeast India Run As One as well.


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