Rasode mein kaun tha? Netflix, Tinder, Zomato, Parle G pun on Rashi ben


The latest social media trending video with a ‘rap’ mix of a scene from Indian Daily Soap Sath Nibhana Sathiya is making people go crackers. The rap of ‘Rasode me kaun tha’ has now become a national topic and is ruling everyone’s social media feeds.

The series follows the story of Kokila Modi-the matriarch of the family as she tries to make her daughter-in-law into a woman of confidence. Aurangabad singer Yashraj Mukhate, who recorded and sang in the video, has gone viral within a couple of days.

In the ‘rap’ mix video he has given a musical touch to the dialogues between Kokila Ben and her Daughters-in-law. Kokila Modi is seen asking questions to her Daughter-in-law (Gopi Modi) about who had removed the Chickpeas (chana) from the cooker and put the empty cooker on the gas stove.

Users took the video to social media to make memes out of it, not just that it wasn’t that long before marketers joined in.

Zomato started by recommending jokingly that users prevent kitchen accidents when ordering food online. Their tweet translates loosely as ‘it is easier to buy food online than to place an empty cooker on the stove.’

A customer also found the pattern cited by Dunzo’s push alerts notifications these days are using the hashtag #DontBeIrRashinal; drawing attention to their different services which it offers (laundry, food delivery, grocery delivery, etc.).

Netflix on Instagram posted a meme using these dialogues with their popular web-series ‘Peaky Blinders’.

Tinder India has retweeted a picture of a person called ‘Rashi’ who owned this and confessed to being the one in the kitchen. She also jokingly points to a rap song by an American rapper called Kelis titled ‘Milkshake’ A line in the original song states ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.’

Manforce condoms on its Instagram post finds a way to put a saucy spin on the theme by demonstrating an innovative with a kitchen floor apron lying on. A caption suggested that Kokila ben was furious when she learned what Rashi was up to.

Parle-G brought a creative post, using the character ‘Parle Baby girl. An imaginative had Kokila ben wondering where all of the Parle G had gone in the kitchen and the Parle Girl saying she didn’t know.


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