Reason for Delaying the Launch of Apple’s Self-Driving Cars


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new reason for huge success in the automobile industry. With the advent of the AI operating system, the industry is regularly building more innovative smart devices and programs. Apple was inspired to invest in autonomous driving systems and launch them as Apple’s self-driving cars. Project Titan was created in 2014 and is still searching for errors for seven years before the final launch.

Apple’s unique feature of self-driving cars is the costly investment power on autonomous driving machines. The reason for the delay in the release date is that the company has to develop private software, sensor hardware and chip technologies that will take time to build. Before starting, smart cars must travel to common areas such as beaches, markets to test the driving status of artificial intelligence operative systems. Apple is yet to decide which company should be a third party car partner. Any passenger can enter a particular destination and complete the journey successfully without any driver.

Hyundai confirmed that the company is still in talks with Apple to launch Apple’s self-driving cars by 2024. Apple is known for manufacturing products with the help of other companies for hi-tech investment. While Hyundai is in the negotiating stage, there are more companies on the line.

What is a deep learning neural network?

Deep machine learning is a subpart of an AI-based system strategy that teaches computers the behaviour and knowledge of humans with algorithms. The main way to smart cars is to identify road signals, drive without human assistance, sensor sense and voice recognition through cameras. Apple is investing in deep learning neural networks to build its self-driving car for good reasons in the market. Neural network AI is a type of deep machine learning algorithm that adapts human characteristics and patterns to effective growth flows.

Apple’s self-driving cars use a deep-learning neural network to perform many tasks ordered from the external environment, such as diverse images, texts and sounds. It is expected to be more than human professionals with the use of large amounts of real-time data and analysis from different levels of neural networks through deep machine learning.

The main problem is that tesla’s other rivals, such as Apple, are focusing on level-3 artificial intelligence operating systems with driver’s seats, including steering wheels. Tesla issued self-driving cars with the condition that backseat passengers can quickly take control of the steering wheel if there is any disturbance in the deep learning neural network. Apple wants to target high levels of autonomous driving systems. Apple’s self-driving car must have a level-5 without a driver’s seat and steering wheel. This level is not yet stable so the prototype can be launched in 2024.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said autonomous systems would be used on apps other than self-driving cars. Various teams are already working on various apps and software for smart cars – vehicle mobility, drive mobility, safety precautions, batteries, interiors, sensors, camera and wheels.

All loyal users have been waiting a long time to keep an eye on Apple’s self-driving cars until 2024. If the launch is successful, Apple will experience a drastic change in the automobile industry to serve a better market.

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