Recent Developments in the field of AI


A stays as a key trend in the tech industry and is changing the course of our life before the pandemic as well as in the new normal.  Organizations that failed to recognize the value of digital transformation and artificial intelligence are leading the way in AI adoption. When COVID-19 wreaked havoc on industries, it became clear that disruptive technologies and the automation that comes with them are more important than ever.

Let’s see some of the latest advancements in AI that are promising for future technology.

An AI algorithm that can anticipate virus transmission from animals to humans

The University of Gothenburg has developed an artificial intelligence model that can forecast which viruses can transmit from animals to people. The algorithm investigates the role of carbohydrates or glycans in the infection process using AI. Almost all viruses, including the coronavirus, attack our bodies’ glycans first. The new AI model can accurately analyze glycans and the infection process.

An AI algorithm capable of outwitting hackers using forged documents

Cyberattacks have become more widespread due to the remote working culture, which has made critical information and documents at great risk. V.S.Subrahmanian, a cybersecurity researcher at Dartmouth College, built an algorithm called Word Embedding-based Fake Online Repository Generation Engine (WE-FORGE) to tackle this issue. It generates forged patents under development which confuses hackers. The system creates convincing fakes depending on the keywords of a given document. It analyses related topics for each keyword and replaces the keyword with a random related word.

DataRobot to introduce the latest enterprise AI platform

DataRobot has released version 7.1 of its platform, which includes new MLOps management agents, time series model updates, and automatic AI reports. DataRobot’s new launch will give feature discovery push-down integration for Snowflake and time series Eureqa model enhancements, to provide lifecycle management for remote AI and machine learning models. DataRobot also gives a no-code app creator that can convert deployed models in AI apps without coding.

Exscientia is using Allcyte’s deep learning technology to conduct AI-powered drug development

Exscientia acquired Allcyte, an Australian firm that developing an AI platform to study the effectiveness of cancer treatments on different individuals, for enhancing AI-drug discovery. Following the acquisition, this technology will integrate with Exscientia’s native software, which employs artificial intelligence to find prospective therapeutic targets, develop the correct medications, and send them to clinical trials.

Redi2 and IBM Private Cloud Services developing a new solution for asset managers

Redi2 Technologies, the developer of the SaaS delivery paradigm for financial services billing solutions, has announced a partnership with IBM Private Cloud Services to increase flexibility. Clients using Redi2 Revenue Manager will benefit greatly from the combination of these solutions.  Top asset managers around the world can make use of it like fast reaction alternatives for clients that need quick reactions to changes, migrate data from one country to another, or extend their infrastructure requirements.

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