Redcliffe Lifetech continues the best with $6M by leapfrog investments


The leading diagnostic platform Redcliffe Lifetech has announced the rise of $61million with the Leapfrog and the participation of Healthquad, Growth Spark Ventures, existing investors Chiratae Ventures, Alkemi Venture Partners, Schroders, and LC Nueva. 

While Redcliffe needs to reach geographically across India, the investment from investors helps a lot in telling Redcliffe’s daily report. It also says the tier 2,3,4 cities provide a higher range of pathological services to medical usage for millions of householders that focuses on low-cost diagnostic services.

The investment from the volunteers says adaptation in the price getting high every day. Online trust, helping media, and sociologists will be concerned with the investment evaluation on the ground. It increases the early diagnostic and prevention, offers radiology products, disease data analysis, and profiling, and maintains product delivery on time.  

The founder of Redcliffe, Dheeraj Jain, said, “future health is all about facing the disease before it gets dangerous. Prevention will be a firsthand”. So, Redcliffe has built the One-shop diagnostic solution that offers a wide range of tests that provides care to a customer. It believes that the investment can make the growth rate reach 500 million-plus Indian reaches before five years. 

Redcliffe provides world-class diagnostics, accredited by NABL, and creates over 400 highly trained pathology services in 100 series with 500 more sample collections with 500 more centers. Radcliffe Healthcare diagnoses non-communicable diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Well over 6 billion Indians are dying of NCDs in a year. Redcliffe Tries to reduce the burden in India.  

60% of people in the 1.4 billion population lives in rural area. They are unable to access the medical convenience from the health care solutions. Its ideas and terminology syndicate the volunteer to overdue hard access would get minimized. An increase in mobility of tests and diagnostics would help the consumer be encouraged and stay healthy in the early stage itself. 

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