Reel has genuinely begun to represent India’s first-generation creators: paras sharma


Reels are increasingly becoming a site where songs and artists are found. Music is the spark that drives trends on Instagram culture. As a result, Instagram has introduced a brand-new music offering dubbed “1 Minute Music,” which consists of a collection of music tracks and movies that are only accessible through its platform and can be used on Reels and Stories. This features music from 200 Indian artists, such as Dhvani Bhanushali, Himanshi Khurana, and GV Prakaash Kumar, who will provide entertainment value to your Instagram posts and encourage other musicians to post their own one-minute songs on the platform.

Could you give us an overview of some of the work you’ve done in the Instagram Reels area and the newly announced “1 Minute” music property? What was the underlying idea?

First, let me talk about reels. In the past couple of years, the structure has changed along with any content, both in terms of storytelling and narrative. The short form video has been popular all around the world, with different types of content being created by “A” and consumed by “B” in it. As a platform, our goal is to keep reflecting the preferences of both producers and users and to keep the format evolving.

What particular efforts are you doing for smaller towns? How do you encourage artists at these markets to present their work?

A Pop-up series of events is being held by us in several Indian cities. Two artists have been flown in from smaller locations to generate work for us. We are visiting them as well as the Pop-up as it goes throughout India. We considered how we could unite established and up-and-coming artists and offer them a chance to work together.

What types of trends are you noticing in the music industry?

It is quite challenging to identify a specific genre and predict how long it will be popular given the calibre and volume of creative music being produced right now, particularly in India. As a result, the situation is quite fluid.

How does Meta intervene and declare that this is the trend and what we need to ride on when you are aware of the diversity of your audience?

A portion of recommendation involves the computer algorithm choosing something that is capturing the attention of nearby people.

What are your primary insights about how music consumption has changed in India over the past few years?

Reels has boosted the amount of music that India watches even more. Both the time and the type of musical narrative that are being experimented with have undergone a radical alteration. It used to be predominantly Bollywood or cinema music, and that hasn’t changed. Being extremely well-known and associated with a movie are still requirements. Meanwhile, formerly obscure singers have become more well-known. People can use this platform to experiment and produce their own material.

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