Revolt RV400: Smartphone-based keyless motor on/off feature


Revolt Motors has been making all of the appropriate noises (no pun intended). The electric vehicle company has been in high demand since the release of its first two motorcycles in 2019. So much so that the brand had to stop taking reservations due to the sheer volume of work that the factory had to deal with. It appears that the company has been working on updating the motorcycle behind the scenes.

In September, new Revolt RV400 deliveries will include a smartphone-based keyless motor on/off feature. When approaching the motorcycle, simply swipe the Revolt app on their smartphone and the bike will begin to move. The same procedure must be followed when turning off the motor. This feature can also be used to locate a user’s motorcycle in a crowded parking lot. This functionality is only accessible on new deliveries, according to Revolt.

Customers over the age of 65, on the other hand, should not be concerned. The company has released an update and instructed its service centres to install it on existing customer motorcycles. This update is only for RV400 customers and does not apply to RV300 customers. Furthermore, customers do not need to pay an additional fee for the same, as it is complimentary.

The 3000 W Mid Drive Motor powers the Revolt RV400. The Revolt RV400’s 72 V, 3.24 kWh battery takes 4.5 hours to completely charge and has a stated range of 85 km/charge. The Revolt RV400 is priced at Rs 90.799 K (Ex-showroom, city). STD is the only version offered.

“Revolt has always been the first in class to bring the newest innovation and technology in the market,” stated Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Motors. We are excited to introduce the swipe to start feature, which will allow customers to rev freely. We are constantly striving to improve our riding experience to provide one-of-a-kind innovation. Customers no longer need a separate key with this function; they can just start the bike using their mobile device. At Revolt Motors, we strive to provide our customers with a complete experience beginning with the purchase of the bike. We have gotten an amazing reaction from our clients over the last few years, and we will continue to develop and provide best-in-class technology.”

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