Rushil Décor adds a dash of humour to the wedding season with its newly launched campaign

Rushil Décor adds a dash of humour to the wedding season
Rushil Décor adds a dash of humour to the wedding season

India, 25th November, 2022:  Rushil Décor, a leading company in modern decorative interior and infrastructure under its flagship brand ‘VIR MAXPRO’ a premium category of MDF has released a campaign that reflects the sentiments of the Indian parents during the moments of marriage talks between the two families. For any bride and her parents, the wedding day is the most significant day of their lives, and to make it a grand success, the preparation begins much earlier and with total commitment. 

The campaign contributes to the humour amidst the discussion between the two families on a lighter note by introducing the bride-to-be to her groom, who is skilled and strong in character. His name is VIR and he certainly upholds all the qualities that every woman would desire in her man. In the words of his father, VIR is talented, flexible, well-polished, strong, termite- resistant and borer-proof

Yes, that is right VIR is termite-resistant and borer-proof and hence the twist in the tale is unveiled that the bride is introduced to VIR MAXPRO. 

When the bride and the groom venture upon the new beginnings, their families ensure that they have every essential and every comfort of a blessed home to start their lives together with ease, love, happiness, and blessings of everyone. Rushil Décor with its wide range of interior home décor products takes a step further and truly becomes one of the best choices for the bride and her family. 

Rushil K Thakkar, Director, Rushil Décor Ltd, India, says, “We endeavour to associate with the lives of every Indian and be a part of the momentous occasions through their every new beginning to grand celebrations. From office space to their personal space, Rushil décor commits itself to the aesthetics and comfort quotient of its customers.”  

As the catchphrase of the TVC articulates, “VIR MDF, Aam Plywood Se Zada Mazbut, Zada Kifayti, Dikhe Chaka Chak, Tikey Taka Tak” fortifies the idea of the grandeur, strength, and durability of the brand and its products. 


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