Savlon launches new ad for Savlon Hexa soap


With the resurgence of out of doors activities, it is essential to accord equal importance to hand as well as body hygiene for preventive care. In this pandemic, hygiene has emerged as the most important aspect to help reduce the risk of getting infected. Maintaining self-hygiene as well as hygiene around is now a conscious and consistent habit to protect ourselves and others around us.

We can step out, however the pandemic still hovers around us. This means that every time we go back home from outside, we might be carrying germs with us. Therefore, we have to do everything we can to clean ourselves to get rid of germs.

In an Ogilvy made an advert for Savlon Hexa soap, we see a doting mom prevent her son, who is returned from work, to come close to his pregnant wife due to the fact he may have brought germs and viruses from outside. Instead, he is ordered to go have a bath with Savlon Hexa Advanced cleaning soap. The advert says the soap presents 99.99 % safety against germs.

It’s been a while since a brand has marketed a soap, and not hand sanitizers, or disinfectants. It was back in August while ITC Savlon had extended its Savlon brand to introduce Savlon Hexa cleaning soap and body wash. The main aim was to provide protection all around the body.

The film is an emotional narrative weaving gentle loving care of a family that is expecting its first child. It opens on an assertive note in which a doting mom in law puts hygiene above all feelings and guarantees protection for the cherished ones. With the larger thought on ‘Apno Ki Suraksha’, the film communicates the attitude absolutely amidst a delicate and emotional moment to explain the significance of preventive and protective hygiene at all times. Starring veteran artiste Supriya Pathak, who aces the portrayal of a loving yet protective mom lends authenticity and credibility to the brand message.

With ‘Apno Ki Suraksha’, Savlon embarks upon a powerful thought that is not only essential but very personal to every individual and adds more credence to the hygiene especially during this virus spreading situations.


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