Samsung India reveals new camapign‘Meanest Monster Ever’


Samsung India has revealed the debut of Mo-B, a mascot associated with Galaxy M series smartphones reflecting all of the ‘monster’ stuff. Mo-B will be mounting a challenge to Galaxy M smartphones’ monster proposition as part of the digital campaign, the company officials said in a press release.

Cheil India has conceptualized the Campaign. Mo-B, the mascot, claims that he is a star and needs to be worshipped with an aspiration to appear out there as the meanest monster. Mo-B knows that the only way to assert the name ‘Meanest Monster Ever’ is by taking in Galaxy M51. VO artist Ashwin Mushran does the voiceover for Mo-B.

Senior vice president, Samsung India, Asim Warsi said, “We have an amazing character Mo-B that will challenge the M51 for the meanest monster title. The fight between Mo-B and M51 will be thrilling and could be the best and meanest monster win.

Aneesh Jaisinghani, senior creative executive director, Cheil India, said, “We had to do something to justice to the product that would change the way communication is done in the mobile phone segment. So we got the idea to create a character, a monster named Mo-B, a celebrity personal who challenges the M51 to a series of face-offs for the title ‘Meanest Monster Ever.’ The strategy also especially uses celebrities to help the Mo-B team as they go to battle the M51 Galaxy.

Mo-B will engage with a string of influencers and celebrities over the next few days to make its case the meanest monster ever, through leading digital channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others. Mo-B will be targeting Galaxy M51, Samsung’s coming smartphone, through these digital platforms and networks as part of the campaign.

Mo-B will be live on various platforms for streaming content and OTT networks. Mo-B will also appear prominently on Amazon which has collaborated with Samsung to launch the Galaxy M51. The Galaxy M51 will also be available from leading retail stores and online stores.

Consumers can participate in Mo-B quizzes to win some amazing prizes. Samsung also works on providing cool Mo-B products such as smartphone cases, T-Shirts, and Mo-B figurines. Mo-B also will be featured as an AR game, which will be available for users to play on Instagram.


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