Shop101 launches “celebrate Trust” campaign


The reselling app, Shop101 has introduced a new campaign, and through the launch of the campaign the company aims to celebrate the trust with its reseller network. The company encourages the customers to have trust in their app and the company claims to be along with the customers in each step of their journey even though it may be a success or failure.

The company also encourages customers to celebrate the festive season with love, light trust, and laughter. The company has noticed the importance of homemakers in the family and how they act as a major element for the smooth functioning of the family and the most important factor is the trust between the homemaker and the family, where the family believes that the homemaker will create a perfect home.

The company recognized the importance of homemakers and the company has tried to create a connection between the trust that the homemakers have towards the company and now most of the homemakers have gained trust in the entrepreneurs helped the company in increasing their sales and also to expand their business and in the similar way the family members also trust their homemakers and hence a circle of trust is created.

The company also claims that as firms are slowly recovering from the outbreak of the pandemic and that trust is a significant element and that trust is a crucial element for the functioning of a business in the current situation. 

The founder and chief executive officer of Shop101, Abhinav Jain stated that due to the current situation this year the festive season and the celebrations of it would be different but an online business is up to the business on how they create trust in the customers and how they would celebrate it with resellers of the company. 

The company aims to create more opportunity for the reselling business and resellers this festive season irrespective of the situation to celebrate the trust with both the company as well as its customers, like how the family believes in the reseller and the homemaker and the company claims that they believe that the resellers depend on them. The campaign is being promoted on social media platforms and other digital platforms where the company has used the hashtag “#celebrate Trust”.


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