Shyam Steel launches its new digital campaign featuring Olympic medalists Lovlina Borgohain and Manpreet Singh


Through this campaign Shyam Steel aims to drive across the message that Shyam Steel Apna Ghar App will act as an expert guide for any building construction activities

Mumbai, 4th August 2022: Shyam Steel one of the leading producers and manufacturers of primary TMT Bars launched its new digital campaign featuring Olympic medalists Lovlina Borgohain and Manpreet Singh. The campaign aims to create awareness about the holistic solutions provided by the Shyam Steel Apna Ghar App amongst the individual home builders and send across the brand message that strong foundation is achieved through a perfect balance of strength and flexibility just like Shyam Steel Flexi Strong TMT bars. The digital film campaign has been designed by Creek Creatives. The campaign will be promoted heavily through social and digital media.

The personality of any great individual is marked by the combination of strength and flexibility, which is also a part of Shyam Steel’s core brand message. The digital film elaborates on this idea by stating that achieving one’s dream requires the correct balance of strength and flexibility just like Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT bars. Shyam Steel Apna Ghar App is a one stop solution from ‘Neev se Pravesh Tak’ which is an online platform, and a mobile App for consumers providing a holistic solution to individual home builders. The tagline ‘Neev Se Pravesh Tak’ is self-explanatory when it comes to catering home building needs for all. Through this campaign Shyam Steel has tried to reflect the essence of this App in providing expert guide for all building construction activities.

The digital film with Lovlina shows her playing with a little girl and knocking out toys for the child. Once she knocks down a stationary toy, the little girl asks Lovlina to knock out a toy that bounces back. The little girl is curious about why the toy bounces back, and Lovlina teaches her that when strength is paired with flexibility, one can bounce back from any knockout, similarly when houses are built with Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT bars, the house is protected from any possible threats. The digital film with Manpreet highlights his journey through perseverance, strength and determination, which are also affiliated with Shyam Steel’s core brand philosophy. The dream to win is achieved by having the perfect balance of strength and flexibility just like Shyam Steel Flexi Strong TMT Bars.

Director of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd, Mr. Lalit Beriwala, stated on the launch of the campaign “It is crucial to pay attention to durability, which depends on flexibility, in addition to strength. The campaign reflects the brand’s thought in connection with Lovlina and Manpreet’s grit and determination to overcome every obstacle and achieve their dreams. The campaign will also help us in making the consumers aware on the Apna Ghar App and its benefits. Lovlina and Manpreet’s success as an Olympian and top athlete inspires viewers of all ages, which helps the brand build a stronger connection with its target audience in the national market.”

“It was a wonderful experience to work with team Shyam Steel. The campaign was focused to showcase the strength and flexibility that Shyam Steel has been delivering for the last 69 years. It was really a privilege to be associated with Shyam Steel as a production house and creating a digital campaign for them with national prominent stars of Indian sports like Lovlina Borgohain and Manpreet Singh.” Sudipta Chatterjee said from Creek Creatives.

Shyam Steel with an annual turnover of Rs 4,500 crores is now on a steady expansion mode braving the disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The Company, an integral partner of building new India, is committed to meaningfully contribute to the realization of the target of 300 million tonnes steel production by 2030-31. Shyam Steel have also signed Olympic medalists Lovlina Borgohain and Manpreet Singh as their Build India Brand Ambassadors, in addition to Sonu Sood. The brand is also associated with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as the face of the company.

Link to the film:

Manpreet Film: (26) Shyam Steel India | Grand Launch | Manpreet Singh #HameshaKeLiyeStrong – YouTube

Lovlina Film: (26) Shyam Steel India| Grand Launch | Lovlina Borgohain #HameshaKeLiyeStrong – YouTube

Apna Ghar Film: (26) Best Home Building features at Shyam Steel Apna Ghar app – YouTube

Campaign elements: Drawing room, globe, photos of hockey legends, hulk toy, balloon toy

Client: Shyam Steel

Title of film: Shyam Steel Brand Film

Director (of the film): Sudipta Chatterjee


Production House: Creek Creatives

Exposure (media used): Digital

DOP: April,2022

Campaign broke as of: August, 2022


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