Simplilearn aims to Onboard 5mn learners by 2023 on its SkillUp platform


Last year in November 2020, SkillUp launched Simplilearn free learning platform to offer learners short-term skilling programs and enable learning continuity during the ongoing pandemic.

Just by one year, the demand for skilling and the importance of upskilling for professionals have felt more. The SkillUp platform has recorded quite 5lakh enrolments and continues to attract learner interest.

Now it aims to increase their learners from 5lakh to 5million learners by next years.

Everywhere there are new job roles and an increase in demand for specialized skills by employers. So, to secure their jobs, aspirants are enrolling in online learning programs or exploring new careers.

Simplilearn helped many professionals in some countries like India, San Francisco, etc. More than 2,000,000 professionals and 2000 companies across 15 countries are acquired certifications and reach their goals.

SkillUp further benefits millions of learners across the globe who are facing challenges of affordability and access.

This platform offers over 1000 hours of learning and tech skilling programs that cover quite more than 600 demand skills.  Every program offers a self-learning model where learners have access to demand video-based content. Some of the programs are Introduction to cybersecurity, Java Programming, Data Science with Python and Data Analytics, and others.

Among these Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, Data Analytics is the ranked as top most tech skill.

Krishna Kumar, the CEO, said, for the last year, there is a lot of demand for personalized skills learning and many of the learners are enrolling for the online learning programs to make their jobs secure.

Recently added many programs on SkillUp platform, like Software, Digital Marketing, Cloud and data. We are hoping to standardize access to learning and assist the learners in advancing their carrier.

SkillUp courses also are a part of the Government e-skilling initiatives as NSDC Skill India and Telecom Sector Skill Council.

Helping the professionals and students by identifying their upskilling options and to begin their journey in today’s leading technologies. Learners will have free guides on career paths, salaries, and other topics to help them for better career decisions.

Every week more than 2500 SkillUp learners unlocking their certifications and support for continuous learning. All the programs are created by the topmost industries and subject experts.

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