Skin Kraft new ad says “I am my type” sheds out the stereotypes


“The world is fond of stereotyping. But, the fact is that we are our own kind,’ says the voice-over of the first-ever advertisement for SkinKraft. The first AI-driven dermatologically certified personalized personal care brand in India is SkinKraft.

The campaign aims to prove that “each individual has their own distinct personality, set of religious beliefs, habits, lifestyle, philosophies, political instincts and professions. So, why should their skin and hair care be generic and not tailored just for them?”

The 61-second ad is directed by Aloke Shetty and takes us through a sequence of female myths and how they have shaped the opinion of society. The movie ‘I am my sort’ talks about removing the shackles that threaten to pigeonhole women. It has been launched with a multimedia strategy of 360 degrees, through TV, print, digital, theater, and outdoor pan-India.

The beauty world is shifting away from mass manufacturing to tailor-made solutions and experiences,” said Chaitanya Nallan, co-founder and CEO, SkinKraft.” SkinKraft, a skin and hair care company that is powered by AI, was born out of two undeniable realities.

“First, to save women trapped in the struggle to discover healthy skin and hair care ingredients in an unrewarding period of discovery. Second, in the consumer market, to stop churning out generic formulations. With this brand movie, we aim to imbibe the same philosophy that her skin and hair are also special, much like the uniqueness of a woman.

Shetty said, “The first question we asked ourselves when we heard about SkinKraft and its concept of personalized beauty solutions is how we bring that distinction into the narrative arc of the film.” A film that would express the USP of the company effortlessly, without necessarily exhibiting beauty in a conventional manner.

Our mission was to tell a convincing tale through a series of powerful images that would subvert the lines spoken and simultaneously create a sense of intrigue and unpredictability. That is evocative, not constructive, and that brings to life in a very distinct and unconventional way the concept of ‘challenging norms,’ of being ‘different and special without ever being branded into any one group.’

How is SkinKraft operating? Well, in order to find the latest features of their skin and hair, the clients are taken into a dermatologist-approved questionnaire. In one of 72 large profiles, the algorithm buckets them, each of which is further broken down into thousands of variations.

The consumer then provides product suggestions for an ingredient blend that matches the current needs of their specific skin and hair. Within two weeks of use, there is a further compatibility feedback loop and verification, and product improvements are provided at no additional expense.

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