Smaller businesses in India are now becoming digital


Small business owners and entrepreneurs now have a variety of choices for connecting out to their customers to make an impact, innovate, and develop.

According to a Dun & Bradstreet industry assessment, over 82 per cent of small firms have suffered detrimental effects as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Over 70% of small firms say it would take more than a year to get back to pre-pandemic levels of operations.

Here are a few apps that go above and above to assist local businesses in pursuing digital opportunities:

  1. Dukaan: Dukaan is a self-service platform that allows merchants with no programming experience to set up an e-commerce store with their smartphone. The Dukaan app was designed to support and help local companies who were experiencing difficulties due to the spreading pandemic. Dukaan offers over 32 lakh online stores across India, with over 5 million products listed in over 200 business categories.
  2. Public App: India’s largest location-based social network, Public App, is assisting small companies by providing digital ad space on the app. The platform’s ad goods are based on a local first strategy. 

With over 60 million monthly active users, Public launched a handful of test projects in the first quarter of this year to help local companies expand their reach through hyperlocal digital advertising. The public now works with 5000+ local promoters in India, intending to increase this number to 10,000+ by the end of the year.

3. Meesho: During the Covid dilemma, Meesho, the social commerce platform, came up with a few ways to keep small businesses alive. Meesho supported small business owners in regaining their reach by providing small-ticket loans and lowering charges.

  1. Kalpvriksha: Kalpavriksha is a mobile application developed by a Hubballi-based technology start up to assist small enterprises. The app aims to provide a platform for local merchants and company owners to engage with customers while also providing technical assistance.
  2. Ghoshak: Chennai-based Ghoshak hopes to focus on small enterprises and individuals who want an online presence but can’t afford a full-fledged website or an app maker.

There is an urgent need to bridge the digital divide between small companies and customers who are increasingly purchasing goods and services through social media apps. Several homegrown apps are helping small and local businesses in India improve their reach and thrive through digital avenues, with internet giants like Meta, formerly Facebook, and Amazon also joining in.

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