Smell of good marketing


The Fragrance creates an impression of the brand in the eyes of the customer which gives a new level of familiarity to them.

Timmy Sarna, MD, DLF Brands, says that “ Customers generally associate themselves with a good feeling about the brand and store. It helps them to create an instant emotional connection with the product and make the shopping experience a more memorable one”.

Retail outlets around the country continue to shine with bright lights, the buzz of milling crowds, and yes, a bunch of smells, something that business owners always continue with for the rest of the festive season to grab the attention of the people.

It is an idea of building an emotional connection with customers through scent that is made with Kannauj-based Indian Naturals, a perfumery that creates a signature fragrance for its chain of Pure Home & Living.

Scent marketing has helped Pure Home & Living uniquely connect with their customers. “Pure Home + Living being the main motto of the brand, the scent has acted as a three-dimensional tool that will help in holistically tieing the elements together and infuse soul into the stores in a meaningful way.” Said Sarna.

The sixth-generation perfumer running Indian Naturals, Pranav Kapoor, says that customers return to retail spaces with increasing confidence (and fewer masks as vaccination rates rise), brands, from décor to dining to destinations become eager to spend disposable incomes after more than a year indoors.

While Indian perfumers are very famous for their ittars, essential oils, scent-makers both new and old are seeing an increasing demand for customized scents, be it for individuals, from entire bouquets for brands by legacy perfumers.

Every business wants to set a high standard and project themselves as a unique one, and so from lifestyle retailers to restaurants, scents play an important role in making an impression and retaining brand association. “For hospitality, dining scents were tailored and now they have also become a part of interior design for both stand-alone and hotel restaurants and bars,” notes Pranav.

Other than dining and luxury, Brands are in the pipeline, including an association with one of the country’s largest travel companies, which will be using perfumes differently, will soon announce regarding the campaign.

“A Restaurant is a place where different people come in, offer different dishes and drinks, and you don’t want all those fumes becoming into smells. While signature scents are in huge demand, especially for the upcoming brands, there are a lot more generalized, but still, various newer olfactory options, including for homes, as during the festive and marriage season more people step out and visit friends and family.

The fragrance we chose from India has become the touchstone of our brand and stands on its own concluded Sarna.

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