Some easy-to-implement steps on customer engagement post Covid-19


The brands find it very difficult to envision future digital marketing strategies due to the shift in parameters of the marketing industry to overcome the crisis caused by the outbreak of Covid-19. The brands and businesses are in the process of transition into completely digital space with the extended lockdown period. Brands are struggling to find new ideas and initiatives to create and execute the strategies that will help them navigate their business safely in the post-COVID-19 period. They also face the challenge of gaining new customers along with keeping their existing customers satisfied.

Some of the key points marketers should adopt to improve customer communication and engagement are:

Competitions and surveys – You can easily engage your customers with well-structured competitions and surveys. Competitions make the customers happy with rewards for their interaction with your products and the analysis of surveys could give you insights into the needs of customers.

Funnel optimization – Examining your online purchase funnel helps you realize that your growth in traffic to your website and identify opportunities for improvement.

Category triggers – This is a technique used to target your potential customers by sending them automated messages weekly and increase customer lifetime value and revenue.

Lifecycle and replenishment email – Email marketing helps you maintain contact with customers. Lifecycle emails send your customers encouraging results when there is a lot of steps to be followed in transactions.

RFM(E) modeling – You can easily monitor consumer behavior by organizing them based on Recency, Frequency of Engagement, and Monetary Values. This helps you a lot in knowing the needs of high-value customers and act accordingly.

Segment Analytics – Segment analytics helps you ensure that marketing campaigns are driving desired KPIs uplifts and leads to improved effective marketing campaigns.

Web-based content – This tactic is used in retail to know whether the product is impacted by the local weather. It is very useful to observe this while sending recipients emails.

Best time to communicate – Choose the right time to engage your customers with your products instead of rushing to them.

Email Gamification – Simple and attractive games help to drive huge traffic to your site.


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