Soumyadip Chatterjee as the National brand head at Snapdeal


The latest episode of the podcast series The master’s Voice is about younger brand visionary, Soumyadip Chatterjee, national brand Head at Snapdeal, certainly one of India’s big-four e-commerce platforms — wherein he deploys the information from more than a decade of strong experience throughout more than one brands from numerous sectors – to drive brand attention and communique on the pillars of empathy and reason to deliver value to each stakeholder.

SnapDeal, as Soumyadip tells , facilitates and guide every ‘third-party partner’ who fulfills Snapdeal services, as additionally every end-purchaser who shops on Snapdeal, and Soumyadip ensures the entire cost chain is properly served and supported using the brand group so that customers acquire ‘brand Wali high-quality, Bazaar Wali Deal’ — that is how the organization’s current brand marketing campaign described its promise to them. Snapdeal has been championing the small, nearby sellers, and has been rising as their favored platform during the last few years.

This, due to the fact, as Soumyadip says, “Snapdeal remains a neutral, price-focused platform whose business strategies are aligned to the desires of its sellers – no stock lock-up, no stock-led operations that compete with them, and so on. therefore, one hundred% of our dealers are third-party, independent ones. The growth in volumes is being serviced by them at once, and there’s no struggle of a hobby for the business enterprise.”

Soumyadip speaks of how purchaser behavior has been transferring, changing. purchasers are now not enamored by the repute of the brand, however are shifting in the direction of functional, more utility-orientated merchandise. He also shares insights on how the changing times enforced via the pandemic have made maximum right brands – which have an ear to the floor – shift to empathy-pushed marketing.

The brands are truly being attentive to the customer/client after which constructing their conversation.

A great insight Soumyadip offers is that it’s far regularly smooth to get carried away when we’re within the echo chamber of similar thoughts. So it’s far essential with a purpose to step returned and pay attention to the client. And to assist and help with that, Soumyadip’s group has a customer-feelings session each week, when they gauge how clients are feeling and how they consider the brand; the goal is to understand the clients’ pulse throughout geographies.

Soumyadip says it is essential for entrepreneurs to talk with normal, actual humans each day to look at how the clients in reality assume. otherwise, of a path, as he says, “in case you torture data lengthy sufficient it will subsequently inform you whatever you need to listen.” It is about group work. leadership is driven by way of empathy — for colleagues and, of course, for the consumer.

As Soumyadip says, “There’s plenty extra a group of average people can obtain whilst they may be running together, then a very proficient set of humans operating individually.”

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