Spotify launches ‘Sound Up Program’ to help underrated podcasters


Spotify, the Swedish audio and media streaming provider launched a new program – Sound Up. The program aims at empowering under-represented artists, mainly women, by giving them a wholesome deal which includes training, mentoring, and workshops to hone their podcasting skills, boost their platforms, and help them in building their own shows.

The application for the same has opened and is free of cost. All aspiring podcasters with great, creative ideas are welcome. One must be above 18 years old to register and the last date to do so is the 26th of July. Out of all the registrations, ten people will be chosen for mentorship which will begin later this year, somewhere in October. All candidates selected for the virtual program will be provided with a computer, recorder, headphones, and internet access. The facilitators for Sound Up Program include podcast producers, journalists, radio presenters, and audio content and production consultant Mae Mariyam Thomas, and writer, producer, content creator Riya Mukherjee.

Mentorship sessions will be divided into two phases:

  1. Four weeks of virtual sessions comprising of live courses, recorded lectures, assignments, and meetings with the Spotify team.
  2. After the completion of virtual classes, the participants will have to submit a final trailer and pitch proposal to be selected for subsequent Sound Up sessions in the next year.

The program has benefitted many in the past. It has created opportunities globally for amateur and pro podcasters. The program grew from six to fourteen countries from the last to this year enabling Spotify to support an additional 140+ creators. Sound Up has been made available to women and non-binary people of color in the US, UK, Ireland, and Sweden. Members of the LGBTIQA+ community in Germany have also been offered the service in the past.

Spotify has launched women-supportive programs in the past. The ‘AmplifiHer’ which was launched in March, this year in India to put the spotlight on women in the audio industry; giving them a chance to share their inspirational stories and encouraging the upcoming female generation to join the creative industry of music and podcasts.

It is very essential to keep launching such programs and campaigns to bring forth those people who may not be either financially or socially rich. As the music industry is such it requires people who are financially and socially rich (famous). Kudos to Team Spotify for launching such a program.

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