Spotify now allows users to share music on WhatsApp


Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming platform recently announced that it would allow its users to share songs and podcasts on Whatsapp. Spotify’s ‘new spots’ now allows Spotify users across the globe to share songs with anyone over WhatsApp.

The feature was introduced to offer Spotify users the most recent features now available on their competitor music streaming sites.

Through this latest feature, Spotify helps users to express their feelings with friends and family, through the beautiful art of music.  The process to share content is quite straightforward, users just have to click on the three dots above the song/podcast/album from their favourite artist and simply press ‘share’.

Spotify, the world’s biggest audio streaming and media service provider, through this collaboration with the world’s leading messaging app ‘Whatsapp’, will now be introducing the sharing feature as well.

Apart from the sharing feature, Spotify recently unveiled two new subscription plans. These ‘premium mini’ subscription plans are- a daily plan for Rs.7 and a week-long plan for Rs.25. These subscription plans aim to increase Spotify’s user segment by attracting new customers to try out Spotify.

The ‘premium mini’ subscription plans offer a low-cost solution for Spotify users having issues in paying for bulk subscription packages. The plans offered allow potential subscribers to experience Spotify and try out its ad-free music, original podcasts, high sound quality and easy download options.

By adding new features, Spotify frequently generates trials to give its subscribers the prime experience that would prompt them to subscribe to other long-term plans.

Spotify has also released a series of ads promoting their podcasts.

One of Spotify’s prime focus domain is their ‘Original Podcasts, which is a demanding segment. Besides offering popular playlists, Spotify also offers its users access to over 2 million podcasts, tailor-made to cater to users current tastes and preferences.

Podcasts are the new revolution for radio. Whether it be while travelling on your way to work or just enjoying some free time relaxing, these engaging podcasts never fail to satisfy you.

Neha Ahuja, the head of marketing for Spotify India, recently said, “Our strength is podcast originals, not just from India, but also the international basket”.

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