#StandByNursingMoms: A campaign by Pigeon India on Breastfeeding Week


A relation between a baby and its mother is always a special one. But many times a mother goes through lots of ups and downs in their life while producing a baby. She has to go through many emotional feelings which are positive and sometimes negative too.

Pigeon and WATConsult have launched a new Breastfeeding Week initiative, #StandByNursingMoms. The campaign aims to increase the support of the brand towards nursing mothers who are going through emotional turmoil and ambiguity during this life phase. The campaign was being carried out as an online social experiment.

The promotional video that was posted on social media sites features three young 28-36 year-old mothers. They speak about the descriptors that are commonly associated with breastfeeding and motherhood and then show how it really feels like becoming a nursing mother and the unpleasant feelings of anxiety and discomfort that emerge from this experience. The film also emphasizes that encouragement from their loved ones and concern for the wellbeing of their child are primarily responsible for helping them to resolve these emotions and regain a positive attitude.

The company has continued the campaign collaborating with mothers who are actively associated with social media and are influencers who share their experiences. The campaign is a step towards recognizing and normalizing a new mom’s various emotional responses which are not all pleasant and satisfying.

Pigeon is a company promoting a baby’s healthy growth and also the happiness of their moms and the family through various advanced innovations. Pigeon has been working diligently for over half a century ever since its establishment to create beneficial maternity and baby care items for simple, pleasurable use.

The company is one of India’s Best Company of the Year awards in 2019 among 50 other companies. The company was also honored and facilitated with the title of India’s Best Company of the Year Awards 2018.  Pigeon India got the best company based on the company’s innovation, CSR, Marketing, company’s leadership and governance, and other such factors. Various experts come together and analyze the details of each and every aspect. Then based on this evaluation process and attributes based qualitative research the selected companies are awarded awards in the various categories.


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