Stashfin launches fraud awareness campaign


Recognizing the gravity of monetary fraud and also the importance of educating customers, neo banking platform Stashfin has unveiled its fraud awareness campaign termed ‘Sharing isn’t Caring’.

With an increasing number of digital transactions, digital fraud is additionally on the increase. Users must be extremely careful because scamsters may make the most of a person’s financial ignorance, coaxing them to spare their hard-earned money.

Therefore, it’s imperative for users to follow good financial practices, like not sharing their CVV with anyone, not sharing their PIN or password, and not clicking on suspicious links.

Exercising such caution will make sure that users turn over before anyone tries to scam them. With a brand promise of ‘Nobody in India should be credit starved’, Stashfin has been working towards the financial inclusion of assorted customer segments who find it hard to be accepted by traditional banking systems.

The corporate also helps the underrepresented build their credit footprint to enable them to boost their quality of life.

Counted among India’s leaders within the neo-banking space, Stashfin’s line of MasterCard offers exclusive cashback rewards, welcome credits, and a number of other exclusive benefits:

Welcome offer: Rs 1,500 in Stashcash (1 Stashcash = Rs 1) and benefits worth up to Rs 3,450

Easy reward redemption: Redeem Stashcash for EMI payments

Advantages: Also acts as a virtual and physical card for shopping, traveling, and eating

Exclusive features: Free cash withdrawals at any ATM; no membership fees, annual or hidden; free lifetime card; slip into any point of sale or merchant site.

Reference: Refer friends/family and acquire

Stashcash Shruti Aggarwal, co-founder, of Stashfin said, “Financial fraud is extremely grave, and it is often devastating to constitute a trap and lose your money, all because you didn’t know enough. ‘Sharing isn’t Caring’ is our try and educate our customers to be absolutely conscious of their finances, to be in total control of their money, and not let any scamster entrap them. At Stashfin, we not only help our customers in their journey of economic inclusion but also make them financially aware.”

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