Stay tuned on 13th July for Ford’s big break with Disney


Ford Motor is partnering with Disney for unique disclosure of its new lineup of Bronco SUV s as automakers worldwide seek other ways to gain attention for highly anticipated vehicles during the corona virus pandemic.

The automaker will be revealing its Ford Bronco 4×4 family vehicles July 13 across Disney’s media networks within the U.S, its the first primetime product reveal across Disney’s broadcast, cable, digital and streaming properties, including ABC, ESPN, National Geographic and Hulu. Synergy is certainly not a new thing for Disney, and therefore, the releases of last year’s Star Wars installment and Frozen II saw a high degree of coordination among Disney divisions.

Ford will be working with Disney CreativeWorks, the company’s creative agency, to generate a custom three-minute video for every network to reveal the vehicles. The videos will air during the primary commercial breaks of every network’s 8 p.m. broadcast, followed by the Hulu streaming service beginning the subsequent day.

Ford says that on Thursday it plans to reveal the new Bronco across numerous Disney mediums and various short films premiere on ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, and, subsequently, Hulu. And that they invite us to observe the reveal happens right here on Roadshow an equivalent day. They’ll have everything we’d like to welcome the Bronco back to the planet. Reservations for the Bronco will open an equivalent day after each film debuts during the primary commercial slot of the 8:00 p.m. ET slot. Just $100 will secure one among the SUVs.

By running all three videos on streaming platform Hulu, Ford encompasses a chance to interact with younger audiences who have either canceled or never signed up for cable and satellite television services. Similarly, Ford may additionally extend the appeal of the campaign with a hashtag challenge on Instagram. Seventy-five percent of U.S. consumers ages 18 to 24 use Instagram, making it the foremost popular social media app among young adults, per a survey by Pew research facility.


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