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Ketto India

When we innovated Ketto in December 2012, it was the first donation- grounded peer- to- peer crowdfunding platform in India. But in the decade that has ago passed, Ketto has evolved to come much further than just an online space for fundraisers.

Our purpose is reflected in our name- standing for ‘crucial to hereafter’, Ketto’s overarching charge was always to produce a better future. We started with a simple thing- to give people hope and the means to achieve their dreams. Over time, we saw several different fundraisers on our platform, with each crusade leaving us more inspired than the last. We’ve seen the magic that happens when communities rally together to support a cause, and I consider myself immensely thankful to be suitable to say that true to its vision, Ketto has grown to come to a network that saves and empowers hundreds of lives every day.

But these figures alone don’t signify our success. In addition to the fundraisers created on the website, we’re working around the timepiece to help those who don’t have access to or exposure to important coffers. In the moment’s world, we’re girdled by cries for help.

With multiple systems and hook-ups afoot, we’re constantly pushing to forge a feasible path to a better future across the board. We’ve partnered with multitudinous NGOs, organizations like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Save the Children, World Vision India, and numerous hospitals to raise finances for those in need. Our end is to make it easy to affect large-scale social change.

At Ketto, our platoon shows up every day to help feed the empty, educate the uninstructed, empower the tyrannized, and save lives. Our thing is to make sure no voice goes unheard.

The impact we’ve had has been truly inspiring and only pushes us to do further. Our dynamic and inexhaustible pool is committed to bringing about change that will make a difference now and in the future. Our vision has remained unvarying, while still allowing us to conjure bigger. further, then just a crowdfunding platform, Ketto is now on the frontal lines, seeking to produce real, effective change that will last for generations.

The lowest conduct can have life-changing goods. The faith of our benefactors is a testament to this.

We’ve come a long way from where we started in 2012, and we’ve managed to make a solid community in the process. From croakers to social workers, benefactors, and more- Ketto is lucky to have had the support of an estimable group of people over the times. The road to success is lined with challenges, but the unshakeable spirit of our sympathizers has made it all the better.

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