Reliance Jewels trials its THANJAVUR collection at Lakme Fashion Week

THANJAVUR at Lakme Fashion Week
THANJAVUR at Lakme Fashion Week

Reliance Jewels, one of India’s leading Jewellery brands, brought Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur region’s rich heritage to life with the exercise of their Akshaya Tritya Collection “THANJAVUR“, simply at Lakme Fashion Week in cooperation with FDCI and collaboration with famed developer Monisha Jaising. The show featured Monisha Jaising’s hand styles of ‘Luxury pret’ and” Couture’, which were beautifully rounded by the substance of intricately handcrafted fine jewelry by Reliance Jewels on 11th March 2023, 830p.m. at the Jio World Garden, Mumbai.

Inspired by a tropical islet marriage, Monisha’s show promises to take the followership on a trip through tropical evenings, marriage wows, imagination, and reflection, where resort wear and tear meets jewels and couture painlessly. The collection featured a range of designs that seamlessly blend couture and jewelry, creating a perfect emulsion of fineness and luxury.

The newest design by Reliance Jewels,” THANJAVUR,” was unveiled on the runway by Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee’s heritage neckpiece from the Thanjavur collection, which was inspired by the Golden Period of the Chola Empire in Thanjavur, gives her the regal appearance of a queen.

Located in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is an important corner for South Indian art, armature, and tabernacles. The megacity was the capital of the Chola Empire back in the day and was ruled by colorful dynasties including the Pandyas, Vijayanagar conglomerate, Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks as well as the British conglomerate. The megacity is home to a vibrant culture and is notorious for the Brihadeeshwara tabernacle, Thanjavur oils, Thanjavur dolls, and numerous further. Reliance Jewels’ THANJAVUR collection draws alleviation from the godly tabernacles, the mesmerizing armature, the magnific Durbar hall, Poompuhar, and the exemplary art of Thanjavur, including woodwork, oils, essence and brass artifacts, and much further. Every alleviation has been courteously incorporated into an exquisite range of gold and diamond collections, where each jewelry piece is drafted to perfection with an emphasis on quality and artificer to bring alive the stories, heritage, and history of the region. Reliance Jewels have been a colonist in casting exquisite, contemporary, and dateless jewelry pieces that celebrate India’s rich culture and heritage.

Actress Taapsee Pannu said” It was an honor to walk for Reliance Jewels & Monisha Jaising. I feel like a queen in the fabulous couture worn by Monisha Jaising and the exquisite Jewellery by Reliance Jewels. Reliance Jewels’ newest collection, THANJAVUR, has my heart, as their jewelry line draws alleviation from the breath-taking armature of tabernacles and its intricate busts, the incandescent colors of darbar halls, and the bouncy charm of art & crafts from Thanjavur. This stunning heritage neckpiece I’m wearing is inspired by the noble Chola Empire’s Golden Age in Thanjavur. The choker is decorated with coins that represented the Chola Empire King’s subjection of several nations, and the names inscribed on the plates represented the titles he attained as a result of his multitudinous triumphs.

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