Studio west launches a new campaign -#thisisme


Studio west by Westside declared the launch of their latest campaign #ThisIsMe, starring real women showcasing their style and fashion.

Studio West has forever rejoiced every woman and man who celebrates being themselves. It enjoys variety and inclusivity, and with the latest campaign, the brand is once again laying the limelight on women who grasp their power and lead with essence.

The TVC shot in the area of Prague shows Giselli Monteiro in many avatars, therefore, displaying Westside’s clothing across several areas.

From an everyday girl outfitted in blue, she morphs into an outstanding girl-about-town, a bohemian maiden, a chic fashion lady wandering around the town, a woman in an uber-hot goddess look and at last a casually trendy girl-next-door.

These avatars appear together at a place that occurs to be Monteiro’s apparel where you notice her gazing at all these robes, striving to figure out which one she should wear for the day.

On the notion behind the campaign and its implementation, Sukesh Nayak, group creative director, Ogilvy said that when each look is composed to tell a story then visualize the infinite circumstances of stories with all the varied looks a Westside store has to deliver.

The campaign promotes a series of brand videos with women from various walks of life, speaking about how their attitude is evaluated in their choice of makeup from the Studiowest span.

They are unapologetic about their attitude and are comfortable in their skin, expressing their boldness with contentment.

Talking about the campaign, Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer at Westside said that Studiowest by Westside has always dealt with the concerns of common women.

Nevertheless, #ThisIsMe, wants to bring alive the entertaining angle of makeup and applaud women who are so effortlessly breaking complications and are leading their life how they like it, by just being who they are.

They don’t want to change the way a person looks, rather, they want to make them feel incredible with products that just improve what they are already swirling.

The idea behind the campaign and its enactment, Sukesh Nayak, group creative director, Ogilvy, said that When every look is created to tell a tale then think of the endless chances of stories with all the unique looks a Westside store has to offer.

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