Amazon Prime Video launches profile avatars from Amazon Originals


If you want to be the leader of your gang like Kaleen Bhaiya or master the art of excuses like Srikant Tiwari, then here’s a chance for you to be your favorite character on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon recently launched a global feature called the Amazon Profile Images with the help of which, customers of Amazon Prime Video in India will now be able to take on the identity of their beloved character from Amazon India Originals as their profile picture or avatar on the services.

Characters like Munna Tripathi, Kaleen Bhaiya from Mirzapur, Srikant Tiwari from The Family Man, Hathi Ram Choudury or Vishal Tyagi from Patal Lok, Damini Rizvi in Four More Shots Please, Abhishek Tripathi in Panchayat, and many more, viewers have a collection of their characters to choose for their profile avatars.

The lately introduced feature also consists of characters from some of the most favorite international originals at par with the Indian Originals on the Prime Video. Now the images can be easily used by all the customers to update their profiles on all devices that support Prime Video.

Speaking about the latest feature Director – Marketing of Amazon Prime Video India, Sushant Sreeram, said, “ Some of the Amazon Original Series such as Mirzapur, The Family Man, Patal Lok, Four More Shots Please! and so on have observed huge fandom and crazy response all over the country. Made out of extremely local and genuine narratives, our Originals have introduced characters to customers that have not only become a part of pop culture in India but have also made their way into our everyday lives. “

Here are the steps to select a Prime Video profile image or change the profile avatar :

On the Prime Video website

• Select the profile image in the top right on the Prime Video home page.

• Then click on the Manage Profiles, and then click on the ‘Edit profile’ on the Who’s Watching?’ screen.

• Select the profile you want to edit. Then click on the profile image and you will see many avatars. Choose the one you want to keep from the available list.

• When creating a new profile, click the profile image and make a selection from the available list.

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