Swiggy introduces the ‘Swiggy Launchpad,’ which offers new eatery partners a 0% commission.

Swiggy Launchpad
Swiggy introduces the 'Swiggy Launchpad,' which offers new eatery partners a 0% commission

This allows new restaurant companies to tap into the potential of free online food delivery for a month.

Swiggy launched the ‘Swiggy Launchpad’ initiative, which offers a zero percent commission over the first month to new partner restaurants across the nation that want to experiment with and expand their businesses through online food delivery. The goal of the ‘Swiggy Launchpad program is to motivate restaurants that are new to Swiggy to see delivery online as an incremental avenue for growth. Through rewards and other benefits, restaurant partners can save up to INR 20,000 as well as choose to put it back into their company to drive further growth. Swiggy Launchpad wishes to establish a win-win connection with its restaurant partner ecosystem. “We are constantly looking for ways to motivate emerging culinary entrepreneurs to try online food delivery,” stated Rohit Kapoor, the chief executive officer of Swiggy’s Food Marketplace. “With zero percent commissions over the first month of operation, we hope that further dining establishments, cloud-based kitchens, and various other food entrepreneurs will be confident enough to try online food delivery.” “We are excited to welcome many new partners,” he added. Swiggy possesses more than two lakh dining establishments enabled on its network on average and onboards approximately 10,000 restaurants each month. This deal is available to all new Swiggy partners. As they become more familiar with online food delivery, new partners for restaurants can take advantage of several benefits that will help them control operational expenses and drive development. This includes not only the commission waiver, but also assistance in the form of a devoted growth supervisor, free advertisements within the Swiggy app, an expanded delivery diameter, apps for managing business performance, and “By offering 0% commissions for the first month of operation, we hope that more restaurants, cloud kitchens, and other food entrepreneurs will become secure about food delivery services and take the plunge.” “We look toward welcoming many new partners,” said Rohit Kapoor, chief executive officer of Food Marketplace, Swiggy, according to the statement. Here’s everything you require to understand about Swiggy Launchpad:
(1.) It is restricted to new Swiggy brands, rather than to fresh outlets/brands of current partners.

(2) Beneficiaries are entitled to a variety of perks. These consist of a commission waiver, a devoted growth manager, free Swiggy app advertisements, an expanded delivery radius, apps for monitoring company performance, apps to build high-quality menus, as well as intelligence dashboards over data and insights.d develop high-quality menus, and data & insights via business intelligence dashboards.
(3) Swiggy Launchpad, according to the business, will assist fresh partners in restaurants to save up to 20,000 through these benefits.

(4.) Restaurant partners can contact Swiggy by clicking on this link to learn about the details of this deal. They can also email [email protected] or call 080-46706906.

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