Swiggy’s “Bhog Elo Ghorey” for the elderly people


During the Durga Puja celebration, Swiggy introduced a unique initiative aimed at Kolkata’s senior residents. The initiative “Bhog Elo Ghorey,” which translates to “bhog came home,” was launched on October 1st, which is also recognised as World Elderly Day. It was movingly depicted in a heartfelt film. The movie shows how happy and delighted elderly Goddess Durga worshippers are when Swiggy personally delivers the bhog from the puja to their doorsteps because they are unable to physically access the puja pandals.

The greatest celebration in Kolkata is called Durga Puja. It is a time of great fervour and excitement when people dress to the nines and visit their nearby puja pandals to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. Bhog is the “prasad” that these pandals prepare and serve to the worshippers present at the puja. Swiggy included senior residents in the celebrations by delivering the bhog right to their front door.

The movie depicts a central kitchen where a woman is making the bhog. She is pleased to be able to serve seniors in this way. The purohits, who organise pandals, share the same sentiment. Swiggy delivery staffs also shares it. Senior folks’ joyful reactions serve as the film’s epilogue and a reminder to viewers that even the elderly may be young in heart and enjoy celebrations.

Swiggy’s Head of Brand, Ashish Lingamneni, commented on the new initiative, saying that Bhog Elo Ghorey is a initiative that comes from their hearts. Can they bring the bhog from the puja to the homes of the elderly? is how it all started. During Durga Puja, it was an honour and a joy for them to personally deliver bhog to senior residents all around Kolkata, and this film brilliantly portrays their feelings and emotions.

The continual endeavour of the Havas Content vertical is not only to develop relevant content for brands, but one that connects with consumers and makes a difference to the greater community, stated Uday Mohan, President & Chief Client Officer of Havas Media Group India. The “Swiggy – Bhog Elo Ghorey” initiative aims to bring Durga Puja’s excitement and passion to Kolkatan seniors and residents who are unable to visit pandals this year. Through this special and heartwarming activation, Swiggy has made sure that everyone should “live it up,” even from a distance, in the genuine spirit of the Durga Puja, which is inclusive to everyone.

In a small-scale effort, Swiggy launched “Bhog Elo Ghorey” to include and amuse the elderly in the Durga Puja celebrations. On YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the film has been released across all of Swiggy’s digital platforms.

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