Tanishq partners with MoEngage to improve customer retention


To increase day one and weekly customer retention rates, Tanishq, a jewelry brand owned by Titan Company Ltd., has partnered with MoEngage, a top insights-led customer engagement platform. Tanishq was one of the businesses that were able to successfully reconfigure their operation to deal with the pandemic when COVID-19 impacted all sectors and organizations head-on.

The introduction of virtual jewelry try-on, the availability of video calling, real-time live supported chats, and appointment-based shopping were some of the “new-age” purchasing initiatives that contributed to Tanishq’s success. Today’s consumer shopping habits have permanently incorporated the internet purchasing experience.

Tanishq became the first major jewelry retailer in India to offer digital gold products to its customers when it just introduced this service. Tanishq wants to increase customer retention rates by delivering relevant product recommendations in the most compelling way possible with MoEngage’s stylized push notification capabilities, which are prompted by particular Flows established in place.

We’ve seen a 10% boost in our weekly retention rates in just three months of adopting Flows, the company claims. Additionally, we’ve been able to significantly raise the conversion rates across the board for our platform. With access to vital insights, MoEngage has improved our ability to interact and engage with our customers. According to Jeevan Sarma, Lead Product Manager, Tanishq E-commerce and Omni, we are eager to investigate other powerful possibilities, such as Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM), in deeper detail to level up the personalization factor in our communications.

A major shift in consumer behavior has occurred since the pandemic, according to MoEngage’s Chief Business Officer (APAC & EMEA), Yash Reddy, who was speaking about the changes in consumer behavior, and their effects, and the need for higher, insights-led customer engagement. When it comes to the adoption of digital technology, we have traversed a “decade in days,” as recent McKinsey research correctly noted.

Tanishq, a jewelry shop, provides its clients with a comprehensive experience by effortlessly integrating the convenience of ordering things online and the trust that offline locations offer. A client interaction solution like MoEngage can enable clever communication methods, which is a surefire prescription for success. Tanishq is a fantastic illustration of how a brand’s antennas must be tuned to the frequency of changes in the external world. We are ecstatic to collaborate with such a well-known Indian company and are looking forward to reaching significant milestones together.

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