TATA Communications reveals ‘S.H.E’ project for entrepreneurship education


Tata Communication is a global digital ecosystem, that recently announced the launch an initiative titled the “School of Hope and Empowerment”. This announcement was made at the UNESCO’s World Conference of 2021, which was based on Education for Sustainable Development.

School of Hope and Empowerment is a multi-media, multi-stakeholder that has the power to impact the communication initiative which is designed in collaboration with Better India, it is an impact-driven Indian digital media platform that mainly aims to support and educate unprivileged women who belong to the small towns, rural areas in India. This is done to overcome all the key barriers of the entrepreneurship program.

By weakening the powers of digital connectivity and various other partnerships, Tata Communications will now create various new environments that enable them with a suitable environment of, for and by women who belongs to marginalized communities for establishing themselves as new entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective communities.

S.H.E is an initiative that includes a series of short films that highlights various challenges and struggles faced by women in the process of becoming an entrepreneur such as gender stereotypes, family commitments, financial and social constraints and self-beliefs. The trailer of this campaign includes six different part of a video series would highlight the inspirational journey of Hasrat Bano, she is a women entrepreneur in real life who belongs to a rural place. She was revealed at the event conducted in UNESCO.

Hasrat Bano said that “When we decide to do a business as an entrepreneur, being a man or women does not make any kind of difference. Always it is your brain and the way you think that makes all the difference. S.H.E is a remarkable project that showcases the journey of a woman who dreams to become an entrepreneur. This provides the women with all kinds of support, knowledge, guidance to use technology, to learn new things, and to become financially independent in their lives. We are grateful and happy for having such a great platform, for giving hope to the women living in rural areas of India who gets to benefit from this project”.

Tata Communications aim to support women to embark on a path for financial independence and to fulfil their dreams, ideas, and creativity in life. Better India will help to strengthen the implementation of the program. S.H.E initially focuses on women between the age of 18-35 years who belong to low-income backgrounds in a rural area like Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro etc. the next phase includes areas like Bihar and Odisha.

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