For the project ‘Breathe,’ Chingari partners with Rotary International and Being Human


Chingari has committed to providing oxygen concentrators throughout Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa. The Chingari App gives hope to the country’s tolerant inhabitants. Project “Breathe,” a cooperation between Rotary Dist. 3170 of Rotary International and Being Human, aims to deliver oxygen concentrators in underserved areas of Southwest Maharashtra, North Karnataka, and the whole state of Goa. Chingari’s leadership has stepped up to help the community by providing oxygen supplies around the region, which has been struggling to fulfil demand for the previous few weeks.

“Rotary International and Being Human have always stepped forward to support people in need, and as an organization that believes in building a brighter future for the nation, we are no different,” said Sumit Ghosh, CEO and Co-founder, App.

“We have provided our assistance to assist develop Project “Breathe” without hesitation since it is the time when we must be there for our people. “To combat this epidemic, the country and team Chingari will work together,” Ghosh stated.

Rotary Dist. 3170 will purchase oxygen concentrators for the initiative ‘Breathe,’ which will be distributed to various hospitals in the region. These concentrators will be utilized by hospitals as an Oxygen Concentrator Bank for patients in home isolation, minimizing the flood of patients to already overburdened hospitals.

Together with, Chingari and Fireside plan to launch a fundraiser to assist COVID programs being carried out by various NGOs around the nation, such as Rotary.

“For more than a century, Rotary International has been at the forefront of humanitarian work across the world. During the COVID outbreak, Rotary spent around $ 35 million globally, with $ 5 million spent in India alone on COVID relief and medical infrastructure support. We appreciate Chingari and Being Human joining Rotary in supporting this worthwhile cause, and we hope to work with them again in the future” said, Dr. Bharat Pandya, renowned laparoscopic surgeon & Director of Rotary International.

“These are trying times for the country, and we all must extend our assist to assist our people. To aid our fellow fighters, we must enter the battleground”, Deepak Salvi, co-founder and COO of Chingari App, stated.

“As part of its social responsibility and welfare effort, Team Chingari will provide its full assistance to people who are suffering due to a lack of oxygen. I implore everyone to get together and assist those in need in whatever manner they can,” Salvi said.

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