Singapore launches their music video about cleanliness


The “World’s Cleanest Country” Singapore now has launched their music video which focuses on cleanliness. On Singapore’s Clean Day which is celebrated on the 25th of April, the Public Hygiene Council and the Wunderman Thomson of Singapore released a very cheerful beat song for its latest campaign.

The campaign is ‘Together, We’re Better Without Litter ‘. This campaign aims to motivate the public people of Singapore about the importance of taking responsibility, title and pride for keeping the country Singapore the cleanest.

Even while the country is international to be the cleanest country in the World, they still keep working towards becoming a Zero Litter Nation. To achieve this mission the government themselves encourage the people in Singapore to clean up after themselves every time and to dispose of all kinds of waste correctly and properly without any fall.

Even though there was a wide variety of anti-littering campaigns that were conducted in the country for the past few years, the Wunderman Thomson of Singapore decided to take up a very unique and different way which is far away from the usual practice. In this new step, they try to portray a different angle with a hope to build togetherness.

Neha Tetuja, the Senior Strategy Director of shared that “While considering this new approach we as a country took our inspiration from the year 2020. Though it was a very bad year for the World as a whole, the unity and the positivity that is spread all around in Singapore showcases how other communities can bond each other and work together for a common cause”.

The result of all these efforts ended up on an upbeat music video that is so bright and colorful that Singaporeans can make a habit of it. The stylistic music video features many Singaporeans from various age groups, races, different social statuses who danced together to spread the message to the public about the disposal of the trash correctly.

Edward D’Silva, the Chairman of the Public Hygiene Council of Singapore said that “We need to always spread the message of positivity among the people to get them into the right track of nurturing cleanliness in their culture. Keeping Singapore is not at all an easy task. As the cleaners keep up the standard for our hygiene, we are also responsible to take up the duty of keeping it clean and disposing of trash properly. We hope that this music video would urge everyone to be proud of our public hygiene because Together, We’re Better Without Litter”.

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